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I don't think Greenlight is really for developers who are small enough to worry about $100. Steam might not make that clear, but it seems as though they are looking to get games like Fez or Super Meat Boy rather than 1000000 or Tiny Wings. It's a way for interesting indie games to be discovered, but Valve likely doesn't want Steam flooded with a bunch of tiny cheap games. There's nothing wrong with Tiny Wings, but I don't want to play games like that on my PC. While paying $100 for a shot on Steam might seem like a bad deal if you are making an iOS sized game, it's not a bad deal if you are making a more complex game that just happens to be made by a small team. If I were making the next Fez or Braid, I'd much rather pay Valve $100 for a chance to be on Steam than pay Microsoft $100 so I can get lost in the mountain of crap that is Xbox Indie Games.

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It's good to see him win one, but I still don't really like him. Maybe it's just a holdover from when he was a giant baby, but he just seems too emotional on court. One of the things I've always liked about Federer is how composed he is on court. It's pretty rare to see him angry. Maybe Murray will get there with age, but until he does I'll likely continue cheering for his opponents.

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I haven't decided yet. I really think they should lower the price now that the membership is only for one site. $50 is insane for a single membership, especially when competing memberships from IGN and other companies are about half of that and often include tangible rewards. Those sites aren't as good, but it's still crazy that Giant Bomb costs more and only offers a small amount of extra content.

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It's the same on Steam. I was living in Australia earlier this year and I had to get them to allow me to continue to buy from the Canadian store. Most new games were $89.99 or $99.99 USD, even though I could buy the exact same games through the Canadian store for $49.99 or $59.99. I can't believe anyone plays games in Australia, it's just so expensive. I know minimum wage is much better, but still, it sucks to pay so much more for the same product.

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It's not too bad. If you have a modern laptop, you'll probably be fine. Try the demo and see how it runs.

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@DJJoeJoe said:

There are mods that change the balance of everything, so if you think something is not to your liking. Change it.

Exactly, even in the Steam workshop there are at least two or three mods that make the Vampire Lord much better. It's lame by default, but awesome when powered up. If you are playing on a console, then yes, the Vampire Lord is astonishingly weak.

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Probably the first Disgaea. I played way too much of that. The sequels never realy captured my attention though.

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I've only played a few hours of it, but it was just boring as all hell to me. The planes were super slow and the missions were pretty boring. Even if they didn't want to get into big planes, they could have thrown in some small jets. Maybe I'm just not cut out for flight sims, but if that's the case, then I imagine a casual player would be even less cut out for them, which makes the whole idea of this product crazy.

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I have an MA now and am beginning my PhD in September. So many years in school make me go something something.

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That way, when they talk about TSW they can explain why you can only have so many quests (to stop people from running around and grabbing all the quests in the area and just running through the content).

That's just a lazy developer excuse, not something a player should care about. If your solution to not having enough content is to artificially limit the amount of content I can experience at once, then you fucked up. I think this is a big problem for most MMOs and knowing the developer's explanation for a bad practice doesn't make it any better.

For example, I'd love to play SWTOR, but I want to play it like KOTOR, I just want to experience the story and move on. But since the developers are so focused on getting a monthly subscription out of me, they make that impossible and so I'll probably never play SWTOR. Artificially limiting story progress, be it through forced grinding, tons of fetch quests, or limiting the number of active quests, is just off-putting to a lot of players, myself included. There's just no benefit for the player, only benefit for the developer so they can suck more money out of you. Jeff just pointed out something that seemed like a bad design decision and I certainly don't think it's Jeff's job to make excuses for bad design. Why a bad design is there is irrelevant to most players, it's Jeff's job to tell us it's there so that those who agree with him can avoid the game.