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I didn't realize Remedy doesn't have anything to do with Max Payne anymore. Steam often puts games by the same developer or in the same series on sale a week or two before the new game in the series comes out. I thought they might do a Remedy sale, but since I now know Remedy isn't making Max Payne 3, I guess that is unlikely. Still, I'll wait for the summer sale.

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I've seen codes for the 360 version for about seven dollars, so until this is around that price I'm not interested. I'm sure it will be around that in the next steam sale, or when Max Payne 3 comes out.

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Thanks for this. I haven't tested it as I don't have my gaming computer near me at the moment. I've had Silent Storm sitting useless on my HDD for months. Maybe I can finally play it again.

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If this really bothers you there are three simple steps you can follow:

1. Wait for people to hack the Vita and create custom firmware that will run any PSP game. (This might take a few months)

2. Rip your PSP games to a memory stick.

3. Play your games on the Vita.

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I'm not a fan of exclusive reviews. It sounds good, but I'll definitely hold off until all of the big sites (and GB) weigh in.

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So if uDraw was successful on the Wii, how did it cost them so much money to port it to the 360 and PS3? Surely the hardware would be almost identical, and I can't imagine it costs that much to up-rez some Wii textures so they don't look like complete crap. If they already had the hardware and software mostly ready to go, then where did the money go? Even if it was a failure on the 360 and PS3 it shouldn't have cost them 30 million dollars.

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Considering it has gotten mostly negative reviews and it's not a high-profile game... maybe a month, less on Amazon.

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I already own all of those games on Steam except for EDGE, so I am hesitant to pay too much for this. I feel bad giving only a few dollars, but my general formula for Humble Bundles is to determine the price I would buy the games I want in the bundle for during a Steam sale, and then pay that amount. In the past that has worked out to between five and ten dollars depending on the bundle, but this time it's much lower.

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They do realize that people can buy most mobile games on smartphones from around $0.00 to $5? No one wants to pay 50 bucks for these things.

Those iOS games are not in the same league as the types of games on a vita or 3DS, graphics, game play, actual buttons. They each hold a different audience.

You make a valid point, but I tend to agree with him; $50 is outrageous for a handheld game. Even with quite a bit of disposable income, I simply can't justify that much cash. The competition is too fierce in the mobile market to pay a 1000% premium for a Vita game when I can buy one of the many excellent $5 games that I will always have available because it's on my phone...

That's the question each consumer has to ask himself. Can you get as much or more enjoyment from one $50 game as you can from ten $5 games? Those $5 games are going to continue to evolve, so it might not be an easy answer for even devoted handheld enthusiasts soon enough.

You're spot on. While it's true that Uncharted (or whatever the best Vita launch game ends up being) will likely be better than any one iOS game (or Android game), it's unlikely that it will be better than 10 great iOS games put together. I might get ten or twelve hours of fun out of Uncharted, but for $3.99 I can get Game Dev Story and have just as much fun for at least that long and have $46 left to buy other games. Hell, I had a great time playing Jetpack Joyride for about five hours and it was free. As iOS games get better and more substantial, as they do all the time, $50 for a Vita game is going to get harder and harder to swallow.

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If a company is charging money for their product, then I don't care about the company, I care about the product and the price. It doesn't matter to me that Uncharted was made by hundreds of people and Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ) was made by two or three, both are fun games and appropriately priced. Now if SPAZ cost $60, then I think it should be judged in comparison to other $60 games and in that case it should be judged considerably more harshly as it is not in the same league as a $60 game. Similarly, if SPAZ was completely broken or lacking in content, I don't think the fact that it was made by two or three people should give it a pass. While it is impressive when small teams make great games, I don't think that should factor into reviews. The number of people or resources that go into a game have no impact on how much fun the game is. For example, Braid would be a great game at its original $15 price point whether it was made by one person or a hundred. When I'm judging a game, it's the experience I am judging, not the history of the project.