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Marketing is just the worst. Do they really think a bad mobile runner is going to get people to preorder Dark Souls 3? The amount of Gamestop branding is pretty hilarious, though.

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Here are the international prices if anyone's interested:

RegionMSRP Pricing
* indicates without tax pricing
USAUSD $799*
CanadaCAD $1149*
AustraliaUSD $899
ChinaCNY 6888
TaiwanNTD $28,288
JapanJPY ¥111,999
UKGBP £689
New ZealandUSD $949
EurozoneEUR €899

This chart is from Anandtech.

As a Canadian in Ontario, I'd be paying $1298 after tax to get one. I even have a computer that could run it, but that's still way, way too much money for a device with an unproven ecosystem.

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I have an iPad Air 2 and an Nvidia Shield Tablet, and I play games on both. The Air 2 is a far better experience. The Shield is easily the best Android tablet for gaming and it's just a clunky mess when compared to the Air 2. Games load slower, the performance is less consistent, and the screen isn't as good. The actual game ecosystem is also better on iOS. Android is a lot better than it was a few years ago, but I don't think I've played any Android exclusives that are any good, while I've played a bunch of iOS exclusives (at least timed exclusives) that were a lot of fun.

Basically, if you have the money to get an Air 3 when it comes out, get it. There are no Android tablets that will match it for gaming. If price is a concern, the Nvidia Shield Tablet is a solid option and has gotten much cheaper in the past year. I think it's $199USD now, which make its shortcomings a little easier to handle.

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@brackstone:That is true. It was $15USD as of a few days ago, but only available through Humble Widgets (which I think it just a payment processor and key distributor devs can use). I don't know if that was a preorder, or early access, or what, but it was $10 cheaper. Here's the price chart from

That said, a price increase like that for something coming out of early access isn't that uncommon. Superhot's increase is more than most, at least proportionately, but the practice is fairly common.

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Any chance this aligns with the release of season 5 for Galak-Z? Not that I'm likely to go back at this point, but it would be nice in principle if they did what they promised, however late it may be.

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I was only saying the other day, that I would've paid EA about $15-20 for a fully unlocked, non-mobile version of the Dragon Age tactics game on phones. It wasn't an amazing game, it's basically the same idea as the new Star Wars one, but I enjoyed it until it got to the money wall part. Instead of paying a few dollars to try get good characters, I wish I could've just paid one lump sum to then be able to play the game without any gates.

From what I understand of the mobile games market (which is both limited and all second-hand) they would need to charge you more like $50-$60 to make up for the money they would lose from whales. It takes a whole lot of people paying $15 to make up for one person who's willing to dump $10,000 or more into a game. Even then, most people don't want to pay anything for games on mobile, so even a $15 game seems outrageously expensive and doesn't sell. This is the scary future I hope we never see make it to consoles. I guess what you're looking for is more like the port of Marvel Puzzle Quest they did for consoles, but I'm sure the console version makes a tiny fraction of what the mobile version makes, which isn't a great incentive for a developer to make a port.

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I'm sure Mistwalker made 10x more money from Terra Battle than they did from either of those 360 games with 1/10 of the budget, so my bet is on a free to play mobile game.

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@burt: There are external USB wifi adapters. They are pretty common for desktops that don't have built-in wifi or old laptops that have slow wifi. I think you could get a cheap one for under $50 (maybe a lot less). Whether or not that would allow you to do what Mike is suggesting, I'm not sure, but it seems worth looking into. It should work, but the 3DS is not exactly a beacon of internet technology.

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That's cheaper than I was expecting, but still too much for me. I'm going to wait until there is compelling software for these headsets. I still haven't seen any games that look compelling outside of the wow factor of playing in VR. In a year or two these things will either be dramatically cheaper, or dramatically better (smaller, lighter, better tracking, etc.).

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I played a bit of the beta on Xbox One, and it didn't really grab me. It seems like it could be fun to play with friends, but I mostly play solo. The performance was also pretty bad, and the motion-blur was really bothering me. I should have played it on PC, but I didn't want to use 20GB of extra bandwidth just to see if that version was any better.