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Try to wait for a sale. I got a 500GB God of War bundle for $199 about a week ago. Same price as the 12GB one, but with a much bigger HDD and six games. It replaced my old near-launch system that finally died, unfortunately in the middle of GTA V.

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Will I be able to simultaneously use the HDMI and Digital Optical output from the PS4 into my older TV with a HDMI/DVI converter and Digital Optical Output to RCA converter? Sounds crazy but kind of makes sense in theory...maybe.

It should work fine. This is what I do with my PS3 now. I have a new TV, but my receiver is ancient, so the only way to get 5.1 is an optical cable. I have it set to output video over HDMI to the TV and audio over the optical cable to the receiver.

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That looks amazing, but if the next-gen consoles can't use it, then I can't imagine many big games will come out that use it. Part of the appeal of something like the Unreal engine is that it can run on just about anything. This seems like something that will only work on the highest end PCs, at least for a few years, and that's just not a huge market compared to consoles.

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I kind of wish big sites like Gamespot and IGN just disabled comments on their stories and reviews. If people want to talk about something let them do it on the message boards where people have to go out of their way to see it. It's not like the comment threads on reviews are helpful anyway, just a bunch of people yelling about bias and money hats.

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@ezekiel said:
  • More games aimed at older audiences.

What does this even mean? What is an example of this on other systems?

In my mind it's stuff like Uncharted, Infamous, GTA, Halo, Gran Turismo, Forza, etc,. It's not just shooters or M rated games, but also racing simulations and sports games. There's just nothing like those games on the WiiU. There are, of course, a few sports games, but without EA the future looks grim. Just look at FIFA 14, it's out on almost everything (including the Wii and PSP), except the Wii U. If Nintendo can't get third party support then they should make something like Uncharted, or like Forza, to fill that hole in their library. That's the kind of game that makes me want to buy a system and Nintendo just doesn't have it right now.

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Not that it's important, but I think it's hilarious that the case is that big and they still couldn't get the power supply in it. Other than that, I feel really bad for this kid's parent. Hopefully since it's not unreleased information they won't get in too much trouble.

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Normally I'd say check out The Wirecutter, but their recommendation is very outdated for the budget laptop category. $400-$500 is pretty much as low as you'd want to go before you start making serious hardware compromises. Nothing is as bad as the old netbooks, but they still make some pretty horrendous low-end laptops. At that price range it's probably best to go to a Best Buy and just try some out. You can always try to find a better deal online once you have narrowed down what you're looking for.

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Wow, that's pretty bad. If major retailers can't figure out what this product is, then good luck getting parents and grandparents to figure it out. You'd think Nintendo would have learned something about naming products after the Wii U, but I guess not.

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The announcement in the link makes me very worried this is just going to end up being a dumb branding thing that OEMs can slap on their pre-built gaming PCs. If Valve isn't making the box, then there won't be a subsidy for buying it. That means that we're probably going to end up with Dell, HP, and Asus making Steamboxes that suck just as much as their current desktop gaming computers (think a million GBs of RAM and 8TB of HDD space, but a low end video card and no SSD) and cost either the same or slightly less (because of the lack of Windows).

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I'm surprised any team in a modern company can get away with not producing a product in almost a decade. They didn't put out a single new game this whole console generation. That makes even Polyphony Digital look prolific by comparison.