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Maaaan... Today I was supposed to be happy-drunk, not crying-drunk... Oh well.

So, dear Patrick - best of luck, keep it real, strap it on, unplug... And know that you are one of the people I'll probably never meet, but love nevertheless. Happy new year buddy ;-)

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Got me worried for a while when seeing a year old order being shipped, but all is good :-)

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Yep, still teary-eyed when reading all this :'-)

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As someone who loves Red Dwarf, I like this very, very much. It's awesome, thanks duder :-)

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Hello Mr. Hamst3r, I think you've created a very cool video :-)

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For those waiting who didn't notice Matt's second edit - check the first post, posters going back on Monday.

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Happy holidays and thanks everyone :-)

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@brodywb: And I thank you instead of that silent person who took Medal of Honor ;-)

Yeah, sadly steamgifts are down right now and admin is away. But don't you worry contestants for World Basketball Manager 2010, you will get your prize!