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@milkman: Same reason there's a record playing a 1912 version of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". Probably has some convoluted reason to do with tears.

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Well being more active is obvious. Be more active.

who cares if you're popular on here?

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That's just an awful thing to ask of people. There are just too many great characters to choose.

Tali, Garrus, Grunt, EDI, Wrex, Joker, Legion, Zaeed, Dr. Chakwas... where's Jenkins?

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@jz: I did notice Scarecrow looked the same as he did in Arkham Asylum, thought that was pretty sweet. The designs are pretty much the same for most characters now that I look at it. Hard for me to think that all the other DC Universe superheroes would plop into the Arkham universe out of nowhere (even if they should be there)

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I guess it's possible, but I would think they they would have said it was canon by now in order to get more hype for the game if this were true.

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Of the revealed characters Mrs. Victoria and Eliza looks pretty sweet.

If we include the unrevealed ones Juju looks fucking badass. I would want her character a ton if they make it that far (here's to hoping they do!)

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Hobo with a Shotgun. No one will look at you weird... promise!

But seriously I'd suggest something like Drive (fitting given how your on a train ride, huh?)

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You may as well if you are going to buy the game day 1 anyway and get $20 off. Though pre-ordering itself is a pretty stupid model alltogether, if you are gonna save money on it I could see why.

Bioshock Infinite is definitely the only game coming out anytime soon worth getting, so I'd say your choice is sound.