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Where do subtitles fall on DVD menus?

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@ll_exile_ll: TRUE!

For the most part this is just lame attempts at humor. Just things that annoy the piss out of me (and many others).

Please remember many of us pay EXTRA money for the right to hear D_TRICK_GUNSHY rap and boast about his skillz.

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This is mainly complaints in the multiplayer department. Things I can't stand that need to go. All these problems can be solved so it's more just a fun free for all complain fest. Feel free to leave your own funny/annoying grievances.

1. Dudes rapping inbetween matches/loading screens

2. Dudes spouting off crazy racial/homophobic remarks

3. Extraneous noise from players (radio, kids, nagging wifes)

4. Players who've hit "Prestige" 3 days after the game is released

5. Whiners - everytime they die it's, "OH MY GODDD", or "GOTTA BE KIDDING"

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From the look of things, if you liked Bioshock you'll like this.

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Everything everywhere, except if you paid for it already. That seems to be their company line on backwards compatibility.

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Twin Peaks.

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Being a music teacher, yes, I can read all clefs. Bass, Treble, Soprano, Alto, tenor, etc.

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Anything that used the SCUMM engine.

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CONDEMNED! Totally forgot that one!

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Siren had camera control. That HD episodic remake was pretty good. The fatal frame series made up for the fixed camera with a fully controllable one when you raised the camera to the characters eyes to interact with enemies, environment etc.