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Thanks for another great article, Alex.

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I loved first person Mario. Castle Mammon, on the other hand, will feature in some upcoming nightmares.

I read the Teti rant yesterday and thought very poorly of it: most of his arguments were ridiculous and the piece isn't near half as clever as he (Teti) thinks it is.

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You're a gentleman. It was incredibly dim and shows the importance of reading comprehension. In my defense it is obscenely hot in Melbourne right now.

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@g00ber: Ah, shit. I owe you an apology. I totally misread what you posted about breast cancer and lung cancer. I thought you had written something like "why does breast cancer get an awareness month when lung cancer kills more men than that kills women". Utterly and completely my own stupid fault.

Really sorry. Again, I'm an idiot.

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@g00ber: I've got shit I need to do so I'll leave it at this: you said we should ignore women's issues because 'hey, bad shit happens to men too'. It was a stupid and, yeah, repulsive thing to fucking say.

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@g00ber: To express distaste? To highlight something repulsive?

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@FreedomTown: Jesus Christ.

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@g00ber: Ugh. I'm not even going to bother.

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@FreedomTown: Everything isn't either or. It is a problem in the games industry. The fact that a far more serious problem exists elsewhere doesn't make it not a problem. Stop being silly.