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When I saw "old consoles" in the title I though they were making NES carts of the game or something! :P

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I've been looking at a few builds around some forums to get an idea of what to buy and I have come up with this ( It follows some of the builds I was looking at pretty closely although it does deviate a bit so that I can save a few bucks on some of the deals.

I know that some of the Intel CPUs that are around the same price may actually perform better when it comes to games but I'm going to be doing an equal amount if not more of rendering videos so that's why I went with the 8350.

My main concern for what I've picked is the Motherboard because I'm a bit of a noobie when it comes to them. I know that the Asus Sabertooth is a good board the only problem is that I need 2 PCI Express 1x ports so I went the Gigabyte board instead because it seems equivalent to the Sabertooth.

I would like to try and keep the build under $900 but if there is something that would give a significant performance bump that would push it over $900 then I might be okay with that.

Thanks for any help you can give me, I'm pretty inexperienced so my choices probably are not the best.

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Buy a premium member pass.

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1 dollar Bob.

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Why Jeff is wrong 0_o

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@RHCPfan24 said:

Gizmo said:
"This is the only youtube video I could find that had Space-Trucker, but Jeffs vocals in this really touched me.
Props to whoever made that video. And it is my favorite song of their's. A cool mod also.

Lol I just checked my video and it said it was embedded on GB over 2 years ago! Pretty cool I've been following the GB guys since GameSpot. Also I'm glad you liked the mod it took me like 5 hours to make that tower thing out of logs :)