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I think that this is neat, but I don't think that I will even bother because I won't really do anything that specail to the game in the end. It's not like the Spore creature creator where you have a very direct control over what you are making and then it populates the game with those characters. This is just a neat but lazy incentive for us to pre-order the game, I would rather get a free XBLA game like Fable II.
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I think that it would be awesome for some quests that have to do with their Quiz section. It seems that it what they are doing is using the quest system to have us explore the site and its different features and that is one that they have not done yet.
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I will follow anyone that follows me!
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Right now I work as an Evening Operations Supervior/ Bakery Sales Associate at Hannaford Bros Supermarket. I'm applying for a new job within the company a Deli/Bakery Manager Trainee, this will get  me where I want to be within the company in more of a direct route then the one I'm on right now. So this got me thinking what do the other people that visit this site do for work. Let me know!
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I think that it is a cool thing, not only is everything balanced... but what I really like to do is make myself look different from everyone else.
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I'm having a baby on 10-01-10!
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In the original version of Pokemon Gold on the first route at night I caught a shiny Hoothoot, which is gold in color. In Pokemon Pearl I caught a shiny Psyduck in the safari zone, which is blue in color. And now once again in Pokemon HeartGold I have caught a shiny Hoothoot in the first route at night time. I thought it was a very nice full circle.
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I have almost 400 hours logged into Pokemon Pearl. I breed, trained, and traded my way to 493 pokemon also! I agree a lot of stuff could have been done in that time, fortunatly for me nothing else needed to be done.
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   Well I had typed up a list for other places ie: my facebook and myspace pages a while ago and just copy and pasted it here, maybe in the future I will make a Giantbomb list.  

  As for the amount of games that I own, these have been collected over my whole life so some of them were family gifts or my gifts for holidays. Then over the past 5 years was when I was collecting a lot of them because I worked at GameStop as a  second job and used all of that money to buy games plus I had a discount. As for now, I'm married so the game buying has gone to only a few games a year. As for the games that you suggested thanks! I have played some, the early Monkey Ball games, as for Banjo-Tooie  I will buy it someday on XBLA when I have the cash. 
Well I'm 24 and from America, I have had more PC games over the years, but this is a list of the games that are currently in my collection. Also I hjave mostly owned 2nd hand PC's that were never powerful enough to run the games that were current at the time. 
Sorry I can't own every game in the world even though I would love to, although I have played skies of Arcadia and didn't really like it. 
Yes I have been a huge fan of Nintendo all of my life because those are the systems that I grew up with. Although lately I have not been liking the direction that they have been heading in. 
Thanks! I rented Majora's Mask on the 64 when it was new, but I do have the version on the Legend of Zelda: Collecters edition for the GameCube so I have played it! And TMNT is a HARD game, but I still love to play it. 
The list of games that I wrote down here are all games that I can play at anytime that I want because I have a copy of them all. I have had more games over the years but because I don't still have them on-hand they are not on the list. And the list of games that I have played but never owned is even larger because I used to rent games a lot due to lack of money.  
Lots of practice...I bet that some of the people that replied to this spend more time playing games then I do. Some weeks I might not play games at all and some weeks I might spend close to 30 hours. It depends on the games and what is going on in my life! 
Well I hope that I covered everything, thanks for replying to this thread I appreciate it! If you have any more questions let me know. Joe
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