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@zombiepenguin9: It's not that bad, honestly! There are some good basic kits out there. The only part that's difficult is efficient soldering. Soldering's not difficult, but getting good connections with minimal product use takes some practice.

Not built a pedal (yet- that's a new job wages project for next year), but I've done enough guitar work and circuitry stuff that with a bit of patience, it shouldn't be overly difficult. Just take your time, you'll be fine. Most of all, have fun with it; you can make the best pedal ever, but it's pointless if you don't enjoy the process.

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You should be able to find one similar to this on US amazon. My mum & I both have one. (Her for stained glass, mine for guitar work). The temperature control should mean it's fine for PCB work, as you can leave it relatively cool so as not to damage any components; though you may need to get some extra-fine point tips for the iron itself. But these are the best around, in my opinion.

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My 'Golden Age' normally happens around turn 40, just after I've researched writing, or built Stonehenge.

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I like the idea of the argument being between Brothers & Divekick.

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@ramone: That album's gone my amazon wishlist, also thanks to Rocksmith 2014.

Last album I bought was, I think Bonafide's Something's Dripping, back in the summer, along with Black Sabbath's Thirteen, Black Star Riders, Rival Sons, and Black Dog Barking.

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Man,I loved me some Skate. Skate 2 brought in much needed features, but many were poorly executed. Skate 3 was meh at best. It became too open, too downhill focused, with a few parks scattered around. Not as many great lines like the one to the right of the Art Museum in 1 &2. Spent hours in that spot alone.

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Best one I've generated yet:

Grand Theft Auto's Most Elusive Easter Egg Hunt at Seattle Zoo Turns Into Bloody Corpses

And this raised a smirk

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Chicken or the Terrorist?

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@thompson820 said:

As somebody who genuinely loves Cricket I look forward to this QL immensely, listening to Jeff and Vinny talk about Cricket (something I assume they know nearly nothing about) while playing a HORRIBLE cricket game is going to be absolutely hilarious.

it's horrible? what a bummer.

If serious, be on the look out for Don Bradman cricket by Big Ant Games - that's supposed to be very good. If you're joking, disregard this comment, it's early.

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Most of those I'm unfamiliar with, probably as I'm in the UK, but it's still Tabasco. That shit is an ingredient, not a condiment.

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Cheers Ryan!