Posted by cann3dheat

Apparently I spend more on games in a month than some people do on food...


Also, boo @ the orange bar on the Hotel Dusk box. Why the hell would you put that there?

Posted by Disgaeamad

Nice purchases, cann3d. I've been meaning to pick up TWEWY for a while now, and I also plan on getting DQIV.

Tell me what you think of them when you've played them!

Posted by Carlos

Nice nice, i remmember the days when I was able to spend 200$ on games weekly... i guess moving out on your own costs your hobbie :(

I want those games!!!

Posted by Joker

You just had to post up my food comment in there didn't you.

*Eats budget-safe chips*

Posted by phlegms

Hotel dusk is THE best ds game out there!

other than ouendan 1/2..:p