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@laika: I do, and for some reason it won't show up. Let's try this again:

If it doesn't work, here's the link:

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While logged out, the ad below the staff tweet will occasionally load as two separate textareas.

Here's a pastebin with a portion of the HTML when that happens:

(Also, I can't get the photo to show up for the life of me in this post, but that might just be me)

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Noticed the moderator board posts were showing up in the 'Recent Forum Activity' feed on the front page, and when I was searching to see if the bug had been reported before on the posts showed up again in the search. Clicking on them gives a 404.

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  Yeah. This has been happening on every Team Challenge I've done. I've had times where they'll get zero points. The time before this one he got 2 points. You get 2 points for doing an ollie.
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1. Twilight Princess
2. Triforce of Wisdom
3. Majora's Mask
4. Golden Land
5. Nayru 

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I would rather like that statue.

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No waggle the mote
No minigame collection
That's reason enough

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They see me trollin...

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I guess I'm just a sap for this kind of stuff. Came across this on YouTube and decided to share. Definitely worth your time if you love Mario Kart (who doesn't?) and acoustic music.