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Noticed the moderator board posts were showing up in the 'Recent Forum Activity' feed on the front page, and when I was searching to see if the bug had been reported before on the posts showed up again in the search. Clicking on them gives a 404.

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  Yeah. This has been happening on every Team Challenge I've done. I've had times where they'll get zero points. The time before this one he got 2 points. You get 2 points for doing an ollie.
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1. Twilight Princess
2. Triforce of Wisdom
3. Majora's Mask
4. Golden Land
5. Nayru 

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I would rather like that statue.

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No waggle the mote
No minigame collection
That's reason enough

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They see me trollin...

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I guess I'm just a sap for this kind of stuff. Came across this on YouTube and decided to share. Definitely worth your time if you love Mario Kart (who doesn't?) and acoustic music.

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The Good

  • Great sense of motion and fluidity. The game is fantastic when you successfully hit jump after jump. Some of the moves you can pull off are bad ass, and once you hit a groove you'll feel unstoppable.
  • Great visuals. The simple colors work really well, and look great against the white. A lot of the rooms and situations look the same, but they all have different ways of being handled and manuvered.
  • Unique. Definitely feels different than anything I've ever played before, which is saying a lot. The lack of combat is definitely a welcome change, especially since Edge's Combat isn't exactly fantastic.
  • Simple. Three buttons, and most of the puzzles are pretty straightforward. Doesn't take very long to get used to using the bumpers and triggers, and it feels very natural once you do.

The Bad

  • Random difficulty spikes. Most of the game's puzzles are straightforward enough to get after the first or second time, but some, especially when there are enemies involved, can be annoying.
  • You die a lot. I've played my share of video games, and I'd like to say I'm pretty good at them, but I've died a lot in this game so far. You don't jump far enough, your wall-run doesn't carry you far enough, you get hit by a fucking train, etc. You'll be dying a lot in this game, no matter how good you are.
  • Too bright. Some of the outside levels had me running up giant white walls that were so bright you couldn't distinguish what was what. Turning the brightness and contrast down only takes away from the look of the game, and while it does fix a few things, only leaves the environment looking muddy and evening-ish.
  • Cutscenes. I feel like I should be buying auto insurance. Story is so-so, but I didn't expect too much going in.
  • Short. Only a few hours long, and it lacks a multiplayer mode. Not to mention Race mode only has you going through the same levels. Hopefully some challenge rooms will be released as DLC later on. Still wouldn't justify this being a $60 game. $40 seems about right.
  • Rarely hits it's stride. Mirror's Edge is great when you get a good rhythm going, but problem is, not only do you rarely get into this rhythm, but it never lasts very long once you do. The prologue level is definitely a thrill, since most of the puzzles can be figured out fairly quickly, but standing around trying to figure out puzzles is hardly what this game should be about.

So as you can see, there are plenty of things wrong with this game, but at the same time, I would definitely play Mirror's Edge 2. There are so many great concepts in this game, that if they simply tweaked a few things, it would be a great IP that anyone could pick-up and play. It has room for DLC, but only time will tell which direction ME will go.

I may get a review up if time allows, but school's been heavy lately. :|
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I'm not all that surprised to be honest. I didn't look too into it, but with the Tales team handling Vesperia, I didn't expect DotNW to be all that fantastic when it's being handled by a different team. I'll wait for some other impressions and then see if I drop the money for it.