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The Mikey and Katherine showdown in the RV was one of my favorite scenes in the show. Mikey is a champ.

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I usually try to solo the souls games as much as I can. But I'm Cannedstingray on PSN

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I feel like Bethesda could possibly be a good fit for Kojima to put together a new studio. As they become a larger and larger publisher, they seem to be more or less committed to giving their developers the time and resources to make quality games.

Maybe he'll start some small indie studio or get out of games for a while. I hope not the latter. I've only recently gotten really interested in the Metal Gear series, but I would like to see what else Kojima has to say. The Silent Hills thing may not happen, but I hope he still does something with Del Toro. That man has been wanting to make a game for a while now, but due to the volatile nature of the games business, his projects have gotten shut down so far.

I listened to mr. DelToro on the Irrational podcast back when he was trying to make inSANE with Volition (I think) and shortly after THQ was gone. Now Kojima leaving Konami. Anyway enough rambling, Best of luck to all.

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I bought Dark Souls 3 times PC Ps3 and 360,same with Dark Souls 2 because I like what From were doing and wanted to support them. Also it would appear that I have more money than brains when it comes to my purchasing habits.

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I may have already posted on this, but in case not, Cannedstingray on PSN, XBL and Steam. Oh yeah Origin too

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TBH if this thing actually works, and can enhance gaming. like the hologram video MS put out a couple years ago, that showed the TV content being expanded off the screen and projected around the room, I could totally see myself using something like this. It's obviously less immersive than full vr. But being able to see your hands and feet, as well as your home environment, is more user friendly while still potentially adding tons to what you are doing.

I don't see why something like this can't live along side the Oculus Rift. VR excites me as long as they get the motion sickness stuff sorted. But AR or holographic tech excites me just as much. And if this ends up competing with the Rift at all, it will be a good thing, because competition in the market means the consumers win. Look at what's happening with the new consoles, prices cut and packages re-tooled after less than one year as a direct result of MS and Sony competing.

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I noticed this last night, I was looking for an old quick look. When I loaded the QL page at first everything was ok, I scrolled down to the bottom clicked another page, and none of the video thumbnails will load in unless I refresh the page.

I have since tried it on the popular videos page, the subscriber video page, the ER page. They are all the same, page one loads up fine, but switching to another page only the large video at the top of the page is there, none of the thumbnails on subsequent pages appear until the page is refreshed.

I have tried this on two desktop computers, I haven't tried on any mobile or laptop devices.

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@unclebenny: They are making a game called Triad Wars. Not a continuation of the story, but its the same gameplay and still set in Hong Kong. This time you are building a criminal enterprise from the ground up. There is a closed beta going on right now and United front has some videos on youtube of them streaming the game, the video starts a few minutes in.

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The next Fallout

The next Deus ex

The next Red Dead