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I picked this up after it showed up on GB. I really dig the soundtrack and how approachable the game is. Has anyone else done the same?

Also I found some Python files inside the sub directories. Any fellow coders know of other games that use the language or can they only be used in conjunction with c++ as custom class files?

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@joshwent said:

As a counterpoint, I'll just say here that I thought Origins may be the best game in the series. But that's a controversial blog for another time...

I concur.

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@stryker1121: I love it and P.T. is the best game I have played all year. So you will already have a good game waiting for you at no cost.

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@71ranchero: I can understand where your coming from. In a sense it's about preservation and I think that is a valid argument. I guess in a world where Square-Enix is charging 20 bucks for a port of a PlayStation game on iTunes, it's easy to see the bad instead of the good.

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@ez123: You are correct in assuming they are but I believe they have something to offer they hadn't before.

  • Metro Redux updates both 2033 and Last Light with the third iteration of the 4A engine as well as changing the control scheme for the former to match the latter. There are some arguments regarding similar improvements being made to Deus Ex: Human Revolution but hardly to the level of the Metro Redux release.
  • TLOU was limited by the hardware of the Playstation 3. The remastered version allows for a number of technical improvements although the same could be said for GTA V.

Where as with Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs don't offer any other qualities besides accessibility and renewed revenue.

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Earthbound. (And here comes the hate.) I have played it from start to finish and feel that it is poor overall.

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@yummylee: Have you played "Rondo of Blood" before?

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@haz: Excluding TLOU and the Metro series, it's a cash grab.