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The Up Coming box has been broken on my end for months now. For instance, it's 10:20PM on July 9 here (South Australia) and the Unfinished: Action Henk video should have been out at 9PM according to the Upcoming Box.

Please fix it! Last year it worked fine!

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Actually, they still aren't right.

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It's working fine now here as well.

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I'm not sure when it happened but the times in the up coming box don't match up with my local time.

I'm guessing it's to do with daylight saving time, though now the US is entering DST and Australia is coming out of it in April it might correct itself? I have no idea.

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@optix12 said:

Vinny, time to bump up the bitrate again!

They don't even have to do that to make the videos look nicer. I looked at some of their videos and got the encoding info with MediaInfo and ran a few tests with my own encodes. It looks to me like they're using fairly low-end settings aimed at speed and almost nothing else. Even if they kept everything the same but added a second pass (2-pass encoding) the quality would improve a fair bit and it would only slightly increase the file size.

The drawback there is that it takes roughly double the time to encode a video. But I would rather have a video with consistently nice quality a few hours later or the next day over a blurry/blocky video an hour after the stream ends.

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It's a combination of the switch to 60fps videos and not enough encoding time. They could just double or triple the bitrate for a big bump in quality (and filesize, unfortunately) but what they should also do is encode the videos using slower and more thorough h.264 settings. The fast turnaround from when live shows air to when the archive is posted is nice, but if the quality is poor then there's really no point in doing it that quickly.

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I just barely failed the written test to get my learner's licence twice, then got it on my third try. Felt like such an idiot.

I passed the practical test to get my provisional licence with just one tiny error but my instructor let me redo that part.

Now in just four short months I'll be eligible for my full licence! Hooray!

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Daylight saving time just started here in Australia and now all the upcoming times are off by an hour.

For example, the Beyond: Two Souls quick look was slated to appear on the site at 10:30PM.

But it actually went live at 11:30PM.

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Stuttering is a strange beast with many, many possible fixes. I've solved it in the past by running games in a window, turning vsync off or on, using triple buffering in conjunction with vsync, capping the frame rate to 60, 58 or 30, changing the maximum pre-rendered frames in Nvidia Inspector to 1 or higher... or just waiting for a patch to come out like the one for Far Cry 3.

There are also some games that just hitch up every few moments, like the STALKER series for instance. Sleeping Dogs also stuttered a lot (though a few of the above fixes helped) and so did Far Cry 3 at launch.