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Smite is out, you don't need a key. But you should just play League or Dota instead since Smite sucks.

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As difficult as it allows. Single player games are easy.

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DMC4 is my favourite in the series, so can't wait for this. Still not out til June though :(

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No, that would be awful. TES and Fallout are single player games.

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@sravankb: I play offline for the same reason with the lance. I'm jumping on that monsters back and ain't nobody going to stop me.

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@alexw00d: But the spanner is the strongest weapon in that game! You had it easy.

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I guess I'm not a poweruser like some of you guys are but I can't think of a single time Chrome has crashed on me. It runs a lot of memory sure but it doesn't put a dent in my home machine. I only have 2 extensions, Adblock and youtube centre, because my internet is too shitty to use DASH playback. At work I use IE mostly, and FF for searches, since those managed desktops suck shit and generally are 32bit 2gb ram machines. I can't wait for them to update that ish.

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@arbitrarywater: You can get up to 5 with persistance. The delayed heavy attack on 5 cannons would fire I think 3 times each since it was a multiple hit attack, not to mention all of them holy (or whatever attached boon at the time) would just rip whatever it hit apart. It drops to about 5-10 fps though sadly.

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@arbitrarywater: That combo also stunlocks the framerate if you get more than 2 cannons going don't forget!

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@lukeweizer: It isn't that big of a deal in normal mode honestly, you'll just not be as supremely powerful as you could be once you find the vocation you want to stick with. A few extra points in magic attack wont kill you if you're a fighter or assassin, same as a few points in stamina wont be the end of the world as a mage. I would always recommend doing fighter to character level 10 though as the large early health helps a lot.

A note on controlling pawns since they suck. If you're hurt and a pawn has anodyne and you hit right or left on the d-pad, they'll stop what they're doing and cast it on you. The same with buffs, if you don't have one and call for help they'll generally try to buff you.