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Panda was shit, Warlords was shit. Whatever they make next will be shit. Wow has been dead to me for a long time.

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Eh, I redeemed both Witcher 3 and Batman for my 980 and they both work rather well. The miser in me wants a free TPP but I should probably just pay for it, since you know, sales numbers and revenue.

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@jesushammer: The region locking thing sure, but it still took them over a year to publish both titles here.

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@markini6: Personally I think all schools around the world should teach English, Spanish and Chinese as mandatory, including the UK. It just makes sense to be able to speak all 3.

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@wlleiotl: P4A was region locked. Same with Shin Megami Tensei 4 and they both took over a year to be released here. We will see.

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@pyrodactyl: Since I'm in Europe, with Atlus' track record, I'm expecting a lengthy wait again...

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You need to play it for him and for yourself. I am sorry for your loss.

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Can't really say I've found any need to take notes for any game I've played since the PS2 era. Nowadays I'll just look stuff up. I really can't be bothered with esoteric shit anymore.

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FFXIV. Everyone I've met on that game are super friendly and polite. I love it, it's so refreshing compared to most other games.

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I only own a PS4 for some very specific exclusives. Currently 100% of my gaming is done on PC. This will change when Disgaea, FFXV and a few select other games come out, but won't last longer than finishing those titles. I will never own an Xbone.

With the current state of PC gaming I see no reason to use my PS4 at all beyond exclusives.