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This is some of the most inane bollocks I've ever read.

@hailinel Vocaloids are a type of instrument. A guitar is used to make music, but it doesn't make music.

There, now stop it.

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Dark Chronicle, without a doubt. But I know what I'm doing with that game so it probably wouldn't fit with UPF...

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To get rid of this issue, I just clicked the premium stream thus removing it from the feed on the front page, and upon reloading the stream link had gone to the top as usual.

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I've read it twice. But I still don't get what you want, mostly because you are both wrong. There are 719 Pokémon currently.

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GTX 770.

Nvidia > AMD

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Pre-ordered on steam. There better be a preload or I won't be playing it until Thursday with my download speeds.

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SO: TTEOT - All battle trophies, probably the hardest gaming related thing I've ever done.

Dark Chronicle - All photographs, inventions and weapons. (not to mention the part where I've finished it about 20-30 times)

Pokemon R/B - All 151 (got Mew for winning a tournament at Woolworths)

SMT: Nocturne - 100% compendium (that game is hard)

And I guess all of the FF games without cheevos. The weapons in FFVII +all materia fully leveled. All triple triad cards in VIII. All tetra master cards and Ozma in IX. Killing Penance and Nemesis in FFX. Being a kid was a great waste of time!

Fuck you FFIII DS remake. You shall forever go unfinished due to being way harder than the NES version.

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@mrabomination: @evilsbane If you deplete your stamina you cannot sprint again until it has fully recharged. This is more than likely what's happening to you.

On topic my only complaints are the dead ends everywhere (Dark Souls was fluid and was fun finding the linked routes) and the shortcuts are mostly pointless due to being to fast travel to every bonfire.

Oh and the Parry/Riposte mechanic. You have to wait for them to hit the ground to get the animation. Took me forever to figure that out.

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It's infuriating.