GOTY 2013

Well another year has passed. Quite literally, passed by. Almost the entire calendar year was spent either in school or built around school-related tasks. I had, what I would consider to be my last practical exam of the semester on the 30th of December, and I already have to make plans for more education next week. Is this indicative of the times we live in? Are people becoming more and more progressively busy and spending less time on themselves or their loved ones?

Somehow I've managed to fit in my fair share of video games anyways. Probably by virtue of ignoring and avoiding any lengthy game that can't be played on the long bus ride to school. Sorry, Ni No Kuni, maybe Tales of Xillia was not bad, gosh darn, Assassin's Creed 4. Maybe you're all alright. I have no time to figure out myself. I did manage to make time for these fine choices, and it's a weird, eclectic bunch.

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Posted by Legend

You did some serious gaming this year, duder. :) I think it's awesome that your GOTY is a game that came out so early this year.