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Who puts 10 points into luck anywa- oh god the speech/lockpick stuff will all be luck based percentages won't it. The save-scumming must endure.

Seriously though I guess I can see it all working without skill points, if the stuff that required skill points to begin with is (in the case of shooting) gone, or (in the case of speech etc) rolled into the "Special" skills, or just relegated to perk status. Attaching your shooting accuracy/damage to like 4 different skills was always a terrible idea so I really hope that's gone.

I'd bet stuff like lock-picking/speech would just be relegated into tiered perks like Science seems to be, with like 5 or so ranks that each cost a perk point, instead of 100 skill points to max out.

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You could just have her invite you straight to act V if you'd like, you don't have to play through act IV to play V if somebody else invites you. And if you play on a lower difficulty in her game, then it might be fun for her and little more challenging for you because you're lower level.

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Considering the proportion of people on this site that complained about their internet connection not being stable enough to enjoy the Xbox One's initial online only plan, I'm surprised at the positive reception so far for this feature. Judging by the reaction last year, about half of you should never be able to consistently enjoy this.

The difference being that this isn't any sort of mandatory thing required to play the console.

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I wonder if he was pressured to leave by MS, after the Xbone PR disaster around e3.

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I can't see why the KinectOne would account for the $50 difference. The PS4 is shipping with the PlayStation4 Eye in the box.

I'd be surprised to see either box south of $400.

I don't think there's any confirmation that the ps4 eye will be bundled with the console.

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@august said:

Kinda surprised that even Microsoft would have enough money to throw at Activision to keep it off other platforms.

EA's putting this out.

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If backwards compatibility was all you cared about... why would you care about the ps4 at all? If you just want to play ps3/ps2 games then wouldn't fixing that 60gb be the much cheaper option anyways? Or you could go buy a $50 used ps2 from a pawn shop or something.

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@TRega123 said:

Is there ever an instance where more memory (assuming the memory is of the same speed and quality) is not better?

When you're a company who wants to sell hardware at a reasonable price and/or margin?


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I don't see Fuse selling well at all, which is disappointing because i like Insomniac a lot. It just looks so plain.

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My PC is still better, but it doesn't matter i'm still really looking forward to the new consoles. I may not buy one right away, but it's still exciting to see the new things going on.