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Perhaps that's a base and there's lots of cgi on top 'o it

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I'll wait for confirmation it's coming to mac i think.

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THE IMPOSTER - Shit was hot.

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Please vote up project zomboid! it's not just another zombie game, really great mechanics. It's real survival rather than generic zombie shooting.

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My favourite of the two i've played so far, couldn't believe it when Clementine walked in on me killing the brother. I didn't think, it truly was just agression taking over and I normally play games in a very 'what best benefits me' and 'getting the good ending' kind of way.

Breakthrough storytelling in games, never been so involved in a game's story.

edit: and of course i didn't kill the second brother, i felt so guilty. Yet i still took the stuff from the car, i want her to stay innocent but she's still got to survive.

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I want a shivering isles :(

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I saved Carley because I knew Doug would be devastated if you didn't save her, whereas I suppose I thought Carley would handle the situation better.

Great article!

edit: She's good with a gun too of course, I can't remember if I thought of that at the time. Also hotness never came into it for me, Doug seemed like a cool guy and just as worthwhile a character.

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Vinny, he has a baby to look after.

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As much as it's ridiculous that they're hyping themselves so much, I'll still watch the documentary and so will everyone else.

More behind the scenes is cool, that's why we like giant bomb. This'll work out because they'll get loads of hits from the fallout of this crazy hyping, the only way it won't work out is if they come across as douchebags in the thing.

I like the design too, it's sparkly.

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@Branthog: poo! and i am crashing alot today, perhaps because of the update as I wasn't having any problems yesterday.