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holy shit i knew i recognised the serbian keeper though, he was the awful keeper who played a couple of games for wigan and did all the basics wrong, serbia's defence better play well.  This is set-up to be high scoring perhaps!

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Serbia and Ghana should be a good game for once. Serbia have a fantastic defence and really good midfield, Ghana have the backing of the crowd and have decent midfielders themselves. 
Serbia could do really well this year, they have one of the best defensive pairings in Ivanovic and Vidic, as well as Lukovic being top notch too, and Krasic and Stankovic in the midfield.

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@Meteora:  we're used to keepers fucking up, seriously. Carson, Robinson, James. 3 keepers have done the same in recent memory, it's our newspapers piling all the pressure on the team, all our players make mistakes because of it, but of course if the keeper makes a mistake it's pretty important.
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Should of started with Hart, he looked so confident in the warm up games and for birmingham. I was never confident with green, it's easy to say now but he always looked shakey, same with carson, james, robinson and green, but hart looks totally cool under pressure. I hope capello starts the next game with him rather than pussying out and going with james.

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nigerian keeper deserves better than this
also the referee has had a really good game, not fallen for any dives, kept the game flowing

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as soon as the long haired guy did a 'YEAH' fist clench when they said 'E3 starts NOW' or whatever, i knew it was going to be awful. Just present the show and offer your opinions, don't make out like this is the raddest thing that's ever happened to you

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great goalkeeping by nigeria so far
edit: lol his poor balls

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god african defending has been horrific in these two games

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lol gutiérrez at right back! that should be interesting!

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Come on Nigeria!