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It's funny, I've actually thought quite a few times that, as you've put it, the events and adversities of the group would make for a compelling film. hmm...

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I'll be picking it up because I'm a huge fan of the SNES platformer. I don't know what it is though, I don't think this one looks as good...Maybe its that it kept the chalkboard style aesthetic but it's a little...smoother? Either way, I'm gonna give it a try.

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damnit...I've had a regular sized ads since launch and it works perfectly fine, but with black friday sales coming around I am finding myself more inclined to buy an xl than ever before. I love the screen size and the extra battery life would be a huge plus, but all told I don't play my 3DS as much as I would like to. I think one of the reasons is because I really don't like the size of it all that much! Gahh my spending habits are the worst, so as I often do, I am leaving the decision up to the internet...Should I buy a 3DS XL?

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I was wondering the same thing...picked it up and have been pretty impressed with it so far. Hoping for the guys to do a QL of it

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I am like a lot of you...still can't believe he's gone, hoping this is all a sick joke, saddened by the news and confused by the notion that I could feel such despair for a man I never knew. I'm just glad (and I'm sure Ryan would be as well) that a community such as this can exist to help each other through these tough times. If nothing else, it does soften the blow a little to know that Ryan was loved by so many people. He was a great man, an important part of his field, and by all accounts a terrific friend. He will be missed.

P.S. flush a pie in heaven

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Will calling Zobek be more/less helpful in 3d?

Will the 3d capabilities of the handheld make it more fun to call Zobek?


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@graf1k: i would say its a little different...Aliens was a deviation from the first movie, and was only the second film in the series. I think because of that there is definitely some room for changes. Especially when the second film is handed off to an entirely new director. With something like Resident Evil 5/6 they are already at their fifth and sixth iterations of a franchise that had been well established to be a horror genre. While 4 changed it up some there was still definitely some great horror undertones. While I really enjoyed my time with RE 5, I can totally understand why people would hate it, but I will never understand why people don't like Aliens.

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not planning on it, but it'll probably happen...working at a game store has not been good to my wallet :P

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yes, get it. I share in your love for the film...definitely my favorite action/sci-fi flick of all time and I will most assuredly be getting this version of it

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@Cubidog1: yeah, I'm really excited for this too...hopefully it'll be like lego batman 2 in the sense that different costumes grant you different abilities (the under cover portion of the title would imply that a 'criminal' costume would let you play portions of the game as a criminal for instance) I already have my wii u pre-ordered so hopefully this game deliverers.

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