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Yeah but this game came out like two months ago didn't it? I expected there might be more maps by now.

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After all the positive in this thread, I went ahead and bought it.

It's okay, but it's a shame unlocking stuff is such a slow process and I really only like the Deathmatch option and that got stale kinda quickly because there is only like five maps.

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That is strange then, if this is really the case, I wonder why so many reviews moaned about the paid DLC.

Thanks guys, probably gonna give this a buy then.

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I played the trial and I really enjoyed it. But most of the complaints I've seen for the game is the sheer amount of content it withholds from you and tries to sell you as DLC. Is it really as bad as they say and can you still have a great experience without buying new content?

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@BBQBram said:

@CapsizingHeart: Well they've been making this analogy the whole time; Rapture was like a museum, shit had already gone down when you arrived. In Columbia your actions will be the catalyst for the events in the city. Don't know if we'll see snippets of daily life but at least we'll get to see the decline into war and chaos instead of discovering the details of a history.

The city already looks pretty fucked in the demo videos. 
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I was excited, then I saw the reviews - I think I'll just wait for the HD collection instead.

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I think the first one excelled in story and atmosphere but not in gameplay.

I think the second improved the gameplay drastically but a lot of the atmosphere and amazing story telling seemed to get lost while they tried to improve the combat.

So I'm just hoping that even if Infinite isn't an A grade title, that it at least finds a blend between what BioShock did well and what BioShock 2 did well without adding new problems - then I'll be happy.

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I actually think 1999 mode sounds really interesting, although I never bothered with that kind of thing on Fallout.

I may try it, but I just want to simply enjoy my first playthrough, so I'll probably play it on normal or easy the first time around so I can just get through the game and absorb the story before I start frustrating myself.

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Burnout Revenge.

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I'll say the same for this as I said about the first two BioShock games - I really wish, even if just for one novelty mission, they'd give us a window into when either Rapture or Columbia weren't ravished by violence. For me Rapture was the most interesting part of the first two games, shame the only time we got to see it was when it was in ruins.

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