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@afrofools: Yeah mission impossible was totally pretentious.
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A serbian film, It was supposed to be a metaphore for the serbian government or something, but I call bullshit on that. It's a terrible and Deeply disturbing film for the sake of being a terrible and deeply disturbing film.

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@ape_dosmil:  Dizzee Rascal, Boy In Da Corner
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@Zithe: You should feel very stupid, very stupid indeed..
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Wait, why do you think fable's story is great? I mean I liked the gameplay and the atmosphere but it was far from a great game when I look back at it. 

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We Drummin from birdy nam nam, And Weekend wars from MGMT. They both are switching it up in my head :D

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Majora's mask, Playing majora's mask after oot as a innocent little boy was just creepy and depressing as hell.

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@Soapy86:  I have love for the the people who have love for majora mask still think it's underrated
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@DarkShaper:  You took the words right outta my  mouth. The first game I can actually remember playing ( Cause I had put at least 200 hours into the game) was ocarina of time. While most people here are talkgin about games which were from the 8 bit era or even older xD
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Just sort stuff out for yourself before it's to late dude just talk with someone and Think. Iv'e wasted 15 years of my live being a to big pussy to do something about it. Trust me man you just gotta do something about it. Every little thing counts including finally telling your parents about what you feel and think cause in the end It's your life you should be the one who decides what do with it. And It looks like it's kinda important to know how the situation is from your parents perspective. And btw shit won't be over just with talking to your parents it's going to take a while for you to finally be ok.