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But with their weakness I don't always mean their elemental weakness. When I had to fought a real hard boss and got my ass kicked I got myself a demon which increased my range. I got on a higher platform with my my main and my healer, sacrificed 2 party members to fend of the weaker guys. After that I just pushed on his elemental weakness until he finally died. But yeah I'm kinda stuck at what I think is the last boss cause there was A skill I should've cracked but for some dumb reason I never cracked anything for a big part in the beginning xD

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Talking is a good way to sort out things for yourself. You should think about what you are going to do in the future it sounds cliche but you just got to accept life kinda sucks you just gotta make it work

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" Try to make one character as powerful as possible, preferably the main character. The rest of the party should be support. Makes later battles much easier. "

I think you should get at least 2 of real powerful persons cause later battles the bosses heal A lot after a turn so If you have 2 guys who damage him it kinda compensates.
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.  Don't grind just find their weakness and exploit it to death.  is Don't use the free battle to grind but to skill crack. And always check out which demons you can get by fusing to get the perfect party to exploit the fights that are too hard. I am currently at the last boss(I think) And I have never grinded
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1.Phantom dust, Cause I totally came up with the concept found out it existed just not in europe. And having trouble with buying stuff online And it's not backwards compatible So a remake( or sequel) would be PERFECT 
2.Gotcha Force google it trust me. 
3. Majoras mask I already got my ocarina of time remake coming for me ;D

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@GunnBjorn:  Goedendag mensen. 
Ik ben ook een nederlander en integendeel ik ben Zeer interresant.
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I am not wearing a shirt

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You guys are underestimating 4 year olds their save file deleting ability. When I was 7 years old I finished zelda oot at the time it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me... AND THEN my little brother of 4 tried to copy my file so he could play as adult link the problem is.. He couldn't do Shit and so of course he deleted my file I was not ... very happy And it is something I will never forget or forgive him about

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@natetodamax: I guess you never experienced someone deleting your save game? A save game in which you have put in hours DAYS of your precious life and if someone deletes that file.... A piece of your soul dies with it.
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@Wildfire570: How could you??? I will Never play the game I mean did you saw what tidus is wearing! And may I ask what other jrpgs you played before that piece of smelly shit?