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@Haru48:  Your comment made me laugh a lot xD
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If you like to play with friends (offline) I suggest Super smash bros brawl Defenitely the game in which iv'e put the most hours in.

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The legend of Zelda OOT, Not just cause I love the game and want to make babies with it but also cause it is the game that got me into gaming in the first place.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusion frenzyyyyyyyyyyy! Someone?

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It depends, I mean single player is really great even though you won't find many of that now a days. Multiplayer however can be just as good it's just a whole other sort of great. I prefer local multiplayer by the way. Some games are just meant to be experienced alone and some are not so for me it depends on the game.

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Yeah I always was kind of a nintendo fanboy so I never played any games online cause nintendo said it sucked. But I do remember that when I got a xbox 360 and played cod 4 online there was a time when I played a match with some people Including a girl. I don't know why but the girl said that this was her first match and told everyone she was a girl :p. And immediately! Super douchebag began laughing and calling her a dumb bitch who should stop playing games all together and some more not very nice stuff while he was kicking her ass. But yeah that's xbox live for you I guess.

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Perfect dark zero, but only the multiplayer mode infected where you have a group that start out as infected (skeletons xD) And a group that start out as normal people. The skeletons start out with pistols but can steal better weapons and respawn infinetely until the timer runs out. The normal people however Can buy weapons but if they get killed they will be turned into skeletons as well. I just play cus I love the concept behind it so much and I really do not know why there isn's an other (Good) game about it. It would be a great and original multiplayer game AND you can add zombies to it and that's always a win in my book.

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Online only multiplayer. Not just because I sometimes want to play games with friends while they are sitting with me on the couch. It's just for the fact that I payed for the Goddamn game, Multiplayer included I do not always have xbox live Gold you know?. And for that same reason I HATE unnessesary DLC. And oh yeah I don't care with people say I do not want to pay full price for a game with a 4 campaign Even though some people think the multiplayer is worth it. (And yes, I'm look ing at you MW2)

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Defenitely gonna play in hardcore mode. The survival experience in a Post apocolyptic world Just sounds great to me.( In game form please) And it is kinda logical Cus you know..  Post apocolyptic world.. 
And It makes me feel cool when im gonna brag about the stuff I did in hardcore mode:p

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 I just have a lot of good childhood memories about it. I played oot and mm and even though I LOVE oot, mm just has a special place in my heart:p I just found it to be a darker zelda. The atmosphere was completely different and the soundtrack is really sad. What I am trying to say is mm is just different and that's mainly why I like it. And it's just F*cking awesome