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More Patricks.

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@langdonx: Huh! That's actually pretty awesome. It has been awhile since I last checked, so consider me corrected! Though, does YouTube support livestreams over its myriad of apps?

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Well this is completely bonkers! Google always made sense; YouTube's streaming capabilities are subpar, and Twitch's VOD capabilities have always been a pain to navigate. Google buying Twitch solved two birds with one stone. But Amazon? That's a bizarre fit, but I'd definitely feel (slightly) more comfortable if they were the ones calling the shots rather than Google.

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Congratulations Vinny and Jessie!!

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I actually ended up moving to where I live today because of a group of people I met through Halo: CE for the PC when I was a teenager. Looking back on it now, the circumstances are absurd, but the relationships I made were and are very real.

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Okay, I've also got the itch and want back in. What server is everyone hanging out on? It sounds like there's a small guild on Aerie Peak, but is that "the place" to be? Or have people tried to resurrect that old Zul'Gin guild?

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Trainer Name: Samuel
Friend Code: 0516-7269-1406
Version: Pokémon X

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I absolutely love Dan's childish glee and enthusiasm. Such a great foil to the rest of the crew.

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Might I recommend what The Wirecutter has to say on this matter:

I was going to post the same thing. Even if you don't buy their recommendation, it's a great way to learn about the category and better understand your own preferences.

Precisely why I recommend them time and time again. Even if you don't end up taking their buying advice, you'll at least come away wiser about the product you're researching.