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@ninjaculate said:

So now it's being reported that the decision to take him via the road and not the helicopter wasn't due to weather. I'd guess they're worried about pressure and a head injury?

Yeah, from what I can gleam, it's being reported that they had the option to use the helicopter but opted for the ambulance. Read or don't read into that as you will, but I don't like the sound of that.

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Daily Mail has posted some photos of the car after the crash. It's looking really, really grim you guys. :|

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Pending to join NA West, but feel free to add me! Just please send me a message saying you're from GB when you do, thanks!

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If you're like I was, then you're probably wondering where your email with demo codes is. I still hadn't gotten my codes, and knew I met the three qualifications:

  1. Achieved Platinum Status for 2014 Club Nintendo year (between 7/1/2013 and 6/30/2014).
  2. Registered any Nintendo 3DS product (hardware or software) before the promotion.
  3. Enabled the setting to receive information from Nintendo before the promotion.

I was worried that something had gone amiss, since they should've been done sending out codes by now.

So I called Nintendo support (1-855-214-2043) and was told that, as it turns out, they had already sent out all of the emails. Something went wrong and the email was never sent, but codes had been generated and associated to my Club Nintendo account. After realizing this, they were quickly given to me over the phone, and later forwarded in an email.

So, if you still haven't gotten your codes, don't keep waiting hoping they'll get to you. Call support and have them verify you qualify for the promotion, they'll get you sorted out. And if you talk to someone who tells you that codes are still being sent out, then ask to talk to someone else, as that person is mistaken.

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If anyone has an extra code that they could part with, I would be most appreciative. Really want to get a code for a friend of mine, but she's skeptical she'll get a code. Help me out here, kind duders!

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@hector said:

Hello Duders! Enjoy some Smash Bros. this weeekend!


Thank you so much! I just redeemed the middle code. You're a beautiful person, Hector!

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If anyone has an extra code, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks. :)

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More Patricks.

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@langdonx: Huh! That's actually pretty awesome. It has been awhile since I last checked, so consider me corrected! Though, does YouTube support livestreams over its myriad of apps?