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It's so incredibly shitty of EA to pull this during GDC.

Nailed it. This is super gross.

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Just resubscribed and would love an invite to the Aerie Peak guild! CaptFelafel#1550

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Sling is basically your only real option right now. For $25/mo you can get their basic and sports package which will get you most of the essential sports channels that you're probably used to with cable. Can't beat the price either.

I'm currently in the process of cutting my cable, getting an HD antenna and a Sling subscription and calling it a day. I've been a Netflix subscriber for years, and when HBO Go finally lets us subscribe without a cable subscription, I'll be set. It's a shame channels like Comedy Central and Discovery are missing from Sling's current packages, but at least with the former, most of the content goes up on Hulu.

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@captain_felafel: You're right about Wolfenstein being great. Unfortunately I've beat it twice already and got all of the skills and collectibles. What about Metro?

Metro Redux is a terrific pick as well! GREAT value, AND it's only $25 on Amazon (Prime eligible) right now!

Forza Horizon 2 is also splendid. Terrific driving game, probably the best that's out on current-gen systems right now. Big, great-looking open world to drive expensive cars around in. Really fun.

Finally, maybe give Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare a look. It's actually a really excellent multiplayer FPS with a ton of character and a surprising amount of depth.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order might be right up your alley. It's fairly linear, has a beefy campaign, and unlike most shooters out today.

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I had to play MH3U with the CirclePad Pro XL (yes, they made one for the XL). The C-stick on the New 3DS is absolutely CRITICAL for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I can actually play this game no matter where I am; no more Frankenstick!

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Length doesn't determine quality, quality determines quality. But length is also an important factor IN the quality of something, and more importantly, the value of something. $60 for a mediocre 5-6 hour experience is a bad value proposition, even if you're financially comfortable. But an extraordinary 5-6 hour experience (like the criminally underrated Vanquish) is a much better value proposition.

I think you're looking at all of the low-scoring reviews and negative coverage of The Order and attributing them to the 5-6 hour run-time, when the fact of the matter is the game itself sounds like a pretty unremarkable 5-6 hours.

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Silent Hill 2. Everything else can come later, but Silent Hill 2 is the pinnacle of the franchise. And NOT the HD Collection version. The original, Xbox version if you can. The PS2 Greatest Hits version is good too.

After that, 1 and 3 are great games, as is Shattered Memories. Stay away from anything that came out after Shattered Memories though.

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RPS might've been a little too harsh with their questions, but Molyneux interviews are almost always fluff pieces, so I appreciate them taking him to task as it were. He needs to be held accountable by all in this industry, including the media.

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CMDR CaptainFelafel looking to join!