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It's perfectly fine to do with your body whatever it is you want to do with it, for whatever reasons. That said, however, I think a tattoo is 1000x's cooler if there's a personal story behind why the person got it. Personally, I would never get a tattoo unless it had some significance to my life.

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Count me in! A bit of a shame the guild will be Dominion, though. For once, I think the "good" faction looks better in this game than the "bad" faction.

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I've heard a lot of complaints about the game's Settings offering, such as not being able to change basic things like AA without the use of a separate tool like the nVidia Inspector.

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I never saw the original like I said. So it's no surprise that I didn't care that the 1998 one didn't follow the Godzilla-formula. With that taken out of it, it is obviously the better movie. 95% of 2014 is stuff that was boring me to death. It was one giant tease, with so little pay-off that it didn't make up for all the stuff I had to sit through watching.

When you don't know the original Godzilla story, it really is different how you look at these films. In fact, I only knew that Godzilla was 'the good guy' in the originals after I watched this 2014 one. I never knew before.

I highly recommend you rewatch that movie now, it thought it was pretty good too until I realized I only cared about the last 15 minutes and it was trying to cash in on Jurassic Park for most of the movie.

All your criticism comes from you wanting the movie to be something different than it was though. Which is completely fine and valid. When I went in to 2014, I was expecting to see a lot of Godzilla and epic fights. You didn't get what you expected/wanted, neither did I. I had no expectations of 1998 and it was a pretty good movie for what it was. I had a bunch of expectations of 2014 and none of them were met. It might be a good movie, but it's not what I wanted out of it, so I was very disappointed.

Nooo, really, go back and rewatch that film. Even if it wasn't called Godzilla, it's a terrible, terrible film. The fact that it's called Godzilla makes it even more insulting.

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I thought it was perfect. It was clear watching it that Edwards and crew understand what makes a classical Godzilla film tick, and they delivered on that premise perfectly.

Not only was that movie a love-letter to the original, but I can think of no better apology for the 1998 Roland Emmerich train-wreck than this film.

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I'm doing what I've been doing with the 3DS and Vita. Trying to buy digital every time, but if there's a deal on the physical version that's too good to pass up, I'll get the disc instead.

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I've been trying to fathom why you would remove 40% of your game's modes from a game that is already severely lacking in modes, but have been unable to come up with anything.

Presumably because of player dilution. I don't know about Pilot Hunter but I'd tried to do CTF matches on PC during prime-time and even the mode was empty.

Hopefully they'll add a server browser and it will come back? I guess we'll see.

But why remove it? It's not HURTING the game to have it there. Just its presence is a positive thing. On top of that, they finally fixed what was so broken about CTF less than a day before canning it. It's obviously speculation on my part, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the most broken game mode in the game was also the least popular.

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I noticed recently that I am now unable to open search results, either by clicking on them, or in a new tab when holding down CTRL and clicking on the result. I can still right click on it and "Open in New Tab", but that seems to be the only way now.

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Boise, Idaho, United States

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They outsourced the CTF stuff to Gamespy servers.

And outsourced Pilot Hunter to GFWL, right?