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It's pretty much the only thing I spend money on, and I've gotten some hot stuff out of there. Absolutely worth it.

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Now come on guys, Cortana wasn't the only one to receive some "modifications".

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You know, the man didn't invent the silhouette style, but that's pretty blatant.

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The controller felt totally fine when I got my hands on it a few times at PAX Prime. It's super light, which is a little offputting, and the touch screen is kind of shitty, but the controller itself feels fine.

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Hey so I dunno if this has been asked/suggested already but if I were to theoretically make something dumb with these images in Ren'Py, would that be alright?

oh this thread going to end up with a giantbomb dating sim?

We can only hope.

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People in Russia are allowed to play games? Huh, you learn something every day.

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@Captain_Felafel: What GPU are you using and what is your average framerate between high and medium?

GTX 580. On Medium, with everything else maxed, I get average of 55-60, unless there's heavy fighting, in which case the framerate can drop to the mid 40's sometimes. On High, that average framerate drops by about 5-8 frames.

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I'm also having about significant frame drop during combat. I just figured it was because, hey, combat, stuff is blowing up everywhere. The game normally sings at 60FPS, but in combat, that'll drop down to around 43-48FPS at any given time. I've got a GTX 580, and even though it is a brand new game, I can't believe it's that demanding.