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Though I think at least Vamp and Liquid are handled in a cool, cinematic way. I'd like to actually watch the Raiden v Vamp fight, rather than not watching it because I'm playing

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Remember when Black Ops started out by being set in the Cold War era and Vietnam?

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I though the Boss battles were 'too easy' - basically just boiled down to simple shooting and dodging - I didn't dislike them but they were not memorable in any real way

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Just depends on how his mindset is going into it and how he goes during it.

Surely there'll be less grenade spamming in this game.

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I feel like Acts 1 and 2 are the only real "game" part of this game. Don't get me wrong, going back to Shadow Moses is fucking cool, but the majority of 'playing' a new stealth or action game felt like it happened early

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@kawiji said:
@theuprightman said:

What about Guns of the Ryckert? I think that flows better as a tilte

Metal Gear Scanlon 4: Guns of the Ryckerts. Make it happen.

It's been changed - guarantee now others will come on about the title and want it to be different. Still - the (some) people have spoken!

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I just hope Drew doesn't try to overthink this game based on past Metal Gear games and his paranoia that the game is trying to screw him - this is one of the only games in the series that basically just boils down to - just shoot people, even the bosses - Screaming Mantis is the only boss that is slightly different (that and having to jab Vamp)

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@cirdain: That wouldn't surprise me if a "child soldier" was a big part of the story - the only reason I think it is unlikely that you'll play as a child soldier is that Konami would be releasing a video game...where you are a CHILD SOLDIER

However, I wouldn't be surprised if the kid in the screenshots you posted is Drebin who mentions that he was once a child soldier, or if indeed Raiden pops up as a child soldier somewhere too

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Just finished MGS4. Last time I played it I only got 3/4 through and I hadn't played MGS3 prior to that.

Now with my playthrough of 3 and having finished the game - far out - Kojima is a maniac who knows how to do nostalgia and fan service. Liquid + Snake fight with all the different music and themed health bars? Just one crazy example