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Is the plan that the guild/group will roll over into the main game? I'm not in the beta (I have a XONE) but am planning on getting the main game. No point me jumping into the group now but I figure we won't do this thread twice. This game seems kind of lesser if I'm not playing with others.

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I kind of want to change this already, but I'll just go with gut instincts.

Red Dead Redemption

Viva Pinata

Fallout 3

Mass Effect 2

Gears of War

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Also no Gears which is interesting in and of itself.

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My biggest problem is time. I don't have the time to dedicate to hour long quick looks. I seldom see any. When I'm able to they're great. I've followed GB since, well, before Arrow Pointing Down when they were still with Rich back at Gamespot and doing the Hotspot so I'll always love the site and the crew. However for me, I visit the site daily but am mainly here for the podcast and now, Patrick's written features, the awesome video features they do. I like Alex's reviews but reviews seem pretty rare. I get that QL's give a better impression of a game. I don't even care about a 'review score', but I often find I'll check out a video on somewhere like Gametrailers simply because of the short length of the video review coupled with edited gameplay footage is easier for me to take in. Not that the 'review' is qualitatively better (and I still hate the decimal point scoring system) but a 10 minute review is easier to fit into a schedule than an hour long QL.

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How has no-one said "Fuck London" or brought up any London beef yet?

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Dragon Age II burnt me pretty badly - those repeated caves/dungeons

That said, Witcher 2 wasn't something I 'loved', whereas I thought Dragon Age: Origins was fantastic. (Don't get me wrong, the Witcher 2 looked great and played decently, I just lost interest in it).

After what we've seen so far though, Witcher 3 has my interest more. That Dragon Age combat from the press conference was a bit unsettling.

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Western Sydney Wanderers


Reading (in the UK)

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I've only seen 3 so far (Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft)

So far: 1. Ubisoft 2. Microsoft (I thought they had a decent presentation) 3. EA (what a fucking shambles - all the feels)

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It's already the 27th here. Bought the Xbox One version a couple of hours ago relatively cheap for a new game here in Aus. Just stuck at work until friggen 8pm so I'll barely play any if at all today. Wasn't super psyched for it but it's a big AAA game that looks entertaining and will fill the time.