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Dragon Age II burnt me pretty badly - those repeated caves/dungeons

That said, Witcher 2 wasn't something I 'loved', whereas I thought Dragon Age: Origins was fantastic. (Don't get me wrong, the Witcher 2 looked great and played decently, I just lost interest in it).

After what we've seen so far though, Witcher 3 has my interest more. That Dragon Age combat from the press conference was a bit unsettling.

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Western Sydney Wanderers


Reading (in the UK)

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I've only seen 3 so far (Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft)

So far: 1. Ubisoft 2. Microsoft (I thought they had a decent presentation) 3. EA (what a fucking shambles - all the feels)

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It's already the 27th here. Bought the Xbox One version a couple of hours ago relatively cheap for a new game here in Aus. Just stuck at work until friggen 8pm so I'll barely play any if at all today. Wasn't super psyched for it but it's a big AAA game that looks entertaining and will fill the time.

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Springwood, NSW, Australia

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@singingmenstrual said:

You... bought a 500$ console that is not a Playstation 4, for Titanfall?

Good going, man. Microsoft loves you.

This guy didn't read the original post and instead jumped to conclusions

That said the very title of this post seems intentionally inflammatory and encouraging the wrong conclusion to be reached. The little bit at the end of the OP (oh, also I don't have an Xbox ONE and am just curious) is like me posting a thread:

"Anyone think that the New York Yankees don't suck?".

P.s I don't watch baseball, support any team and am in fact from another country, but I'm just curious.

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Bully: College Edition or Military School

Done - take my money

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The only game I can think of that really dealt with the concept of suppressing fire is Brothers in Arms.

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The image is great. Vinny's stories about his whole DJ 'career' and his rival DJ Vinny were fantastic. I love the idea of Vinny getting paint all over everything in this stupid Dinosaur costume

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I don't know how many people have heard the latest edition of the podcast, but after hearing Vinny's story, I reckon that was the best story I have heard on GB since I followed them from the Gamespot days then Arrow Pointing Down.

Alas I lack any form of artistic skills, even computer ones.

GB, you know what to do.

Vinny as Skateosaurus