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So how much longer before they miss Tuesday? Wednesday here already and they're running out of slower more lethargic timezones.

Bombcast is always on Wednesdays where I am.


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My copy just arrived. All this goddamn Dark Souls talk got me. I'd rather play Dark Souls before Dark Souls 2 comes out so I'll get stuck in soon. See how it goes.

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This struck me tonight. Put in my Dead Rising 2 disc, haven't played it for a while, thought it would be a good time to finish it. Sweet Jesus. Here in Australia all of our internet is capped. I have a decent plan (200gb/month) which is fairly pricey, especially by overseas standards. My internet speed is decent, only because I literally live across the road from the telephone exchange. However, a patch of that size is somewhat crazy. I buy disc versions mainly because they are still significantly cheaper than the download versions (which makes no damned sense) and am not personally worried about the download size for a whole game. But for a patch to be 13gb is ridiculous. I'm aware that Capcom needed to fix the original game code but hell, that's ridiculous. I agree that there shouldn't be a forced cap on size from Sony or MS but I'm worried that developers will use this as an excuse to force in unwanted DLC or also to 'fix' a game well post release rather than release a finished product.

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My main gripe is the way that the batteries simply 'sit' in the power area. I've had a few occasions where the batteries have come lose and I need to 'reconnect' my controller from the controller vibrating or having to shake it in games like Dead Rising.

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11:28 p.m and I just wrapped up a session of ACIV on Xbox One. If I wasn't obsessively collecting everything and just playing the story missions I'm sure I'd be done by now. However that open world is just so good.

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Last: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

First: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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Sounds decent, though 50 games is out of the realm of possibility for me I think, I normally get through 10 - 20 in a given year. My wife read over 100 books this year. One year I kept track I got to 73, so the books aspect is achievable. Movies is as well though a movie a week is even a bit of a chore.

I'll give it a go though, especially with the books side of things. I only read maybe 18 this year so need to encourage myself to get into it more.

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A disappointing underwater section?

In a video game?


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In context, AC3 is by far the worst. Assassins Creed was repetitive but it was the first in the series, I thought the Abstergo story was interesting and it was amazing as a proof of concept, climbing buildings, stabbing dudes, it was fantastic.

Revelations was wholly unnecessary and unmemlrable, but was not a bad game.

There was no reason for AC3 to be as bad as it was. The world it was set in is another fascinating one but the story was insufferably bad. I don't know all that much American History and the story of AC3 made it really really boring. I was pretty bored playing the game. The naval stuff was cool but not much else. I actually liked playing as Haytham, Connor was such a dull character though.