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11:28 p.m and I just wrapped up a session of ACIV on Xbox One. If I wasn't obsessively collecting everything and just playing the story missions I'm sure I'd be done by now. However that open world is just so good.

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Last: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

First: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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Sounds decent, though 50 games is out of the realm of possibility for me I think, I normally get through 10 - 20 in a given year. My wife read over 100 books this year. One year I kept track I got to 73, so the books aspect is achievable. Movies is as well though a movie a week is even a bit of a chore.

I'll give it a go though, especially with the books side of things. I only read maybe 18 this year so need to encourage myself to get into it more.

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Kenny = Carver?

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A disappointing underwater section?

In a video game?


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In context, AC3 is by far the worst. Assassins Creed was repetitive but it was the first in the series, I thought the Abstergo story was interesting and it was amazing as a proof of concept, climbing buildings, stabbing dudes, it was fantastic.

Revelations was wholly unnecessary and unmemlrable, but was not a bad game.

There was no reason for AC3 to be as bad as it was. The world it was set in is another fascinating one but the story was insufferably bad. I don't know all that much American History and the story of AC3 made it really really boring. I was pretty bored playing the game. The naval stuff was cool but not much else. I actually liked playing as Haytham, Connor was such a dull character though.

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Tomb Raider

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Oddly Tomb Raider is really up there for me this year. Haven't played ACIV yet, nor splinter cell

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I'm a History Teacher at a High School, Ancient History is my main passion. Depends on what you're interested in. My main area is Ancient Rome, specifically Rome of the late republic. I finished my Masters of History last year and am actually looking at pursing a PhD in the depiction of historical events in video games.

The best Historical Fiction series I've ever read (because it pretty much sticks to the facts) is Colleen McCullough's The Master of Rome series. There's about 7 of these, each 1000 pages long but they cover the time period in immense detail and are fantastically written.. They can be a bit intimidating and the latin terminology and plethora of Roman names can through people off, but once you get into them they're fantastic.. Pompeii by Robert Harris is another good fictional account of the last day of Pompeii. If you're after an easier to read (but not 'Rome for Dummies), non-fiction account, I recommend:

  • Anything by Adrian Goldsworthy
  • Rubicon by Tom Holland
  • From the Gracchi to Nero by H.H. Scullard
  • The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius (an easy to read and wonderful primary source)
  • I Claudius by Robert Graves

I would really avoid things like Conn Iggulden and that ilk, those are really crappy Rome fictions (kind of like the premise of Ryse: Son of Rome)

I also second Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. He is a bit over dramatic and uses ridiculous analogies and hypotheticals but he makes it interesting. 'The History of Rome' podcast by Mike Duncan is also great and easy to follow (theres 142 of these, each from 13 to 30 min long, but they're really accesible).

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Games: forza 5, NBA 2k14 (soon)