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Not as bad as some are letting on but a bit disappointing 0

Let me preface this review by stating that I was supremely hyped for Total War: Rome II. Rome: Total War is pretty much one of my favourite games and so I had very high expectations for the sequel. Hype can be a cruel mistress, as it is very hard to match. I think it is important for you to know the high esteem in which I hold the Total War games as that has tempered this review.Let's start with what's good: this game is still a lot of fun. I found that in the first week I had put a large numbe...

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Not perfect, but more than worth the 1200 points. 0

I'll say it from the outset. Shadow Complex is the best and most value for money game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This is not to say that it is the perfect game, it is certainly flawed, but you'll get as much fun, time and replay value out of it as you would any decent full priced disc game.  You play the role of Jason, an ordinary man out on a date with his newly met girlfriend Claire. Your fun filled cave exploration date soon goes awry however, leaving you to deal with hordes of henchmen, c...

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A Review of the Single Player Experience 0

Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players back into the familiar setting of WWII, although shifts some of the action from the familiar European theatre over to the Pacific. World at War has received some undeserved criticism right off the bat, simply because of its more successful older cousin.While it might be easy to write off World at War simply as another World War II game, it should be judged on its own merits and, as a first person shooter, it is fantastic. Treyarch has done a good job of...

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Woo loo loo! 0

Age of Empires for the PC took the RTS genre to an entirely new plane. For many gamers, the game came packaged along with Windows 98 and Microsoft Soccer. While the latter game was uninspiring and lacklustre, Age of Empires introduced many gamers to the RTS world, particularly historical strategy.Boasting a variety of ancient factions, the game featured a good balance and counter balance system, with each unit having its own strength and weaknesses. The ease of use was also something that made t...

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Filled with fun? Filled with Fun! 0

Viva Pinata is a game for the XBOX 360 and PC which will appeal to both children and adults alike. While its colourful backdrop and cutesy visuals may turn off some more hardcore gamers (because its not manly to like animals or pretty things), the gameplay and intricacies of the game will continue dragging you in for more, sapping hours of your life as you try to get the Rashberry to get it on with the Swanana (trust me, once you play the game this will all make sense).Viva Pinata contains a loo...

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