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Small Business man went to the Big City.

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Man, I've been watitng all day...

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Entering the Langzone.

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Congrats! I got back into Spelunky when Giant Bomb got the spelunkin' bug a while back. I definitely had to put in a lot of time before I beat Olmec. Good stuff.

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I happened to wake up a couple minutes before it hit. It certainly felt bigger than any I've felt before. It lasted a long time, too.

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Thanks for taking the time to write this up! I don't really have any follow up questions, but I just wanted to say I always appreciate long, thoughtful posts like these. Good stuff!

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Very interesting. Thanks Patrick!

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I'm anti-cheese as well. I also don't like salads because I find many vegetables to be bitter or unappetizing, and dressing and vinaigrettes are very overpowering, to the point that I don't even like being around them. And then people put cheese on it and I'm all the way not interested. The same is true with things like wine and pesto, I get a headache just being around the stuff. Basically all Italian food is not for me.

People are often surprised by this as I'm very fit and look like a healthy eater and I've been made fun of before, but whatever. It's just food.