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And here I was-thinking that I'm hard for writing an 1100 word essay! XD Good job on finishing that monster.

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Charles Barkley, because I just played through this game called Barkley, Shut up and Jam:Gaiden. It's basically a snes jrpg......with Charles Barkley and a LOT of crazy junk in it . It's a free game, go download it and play it! I'm helping you!

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Some people might call me crazy, but I think Earthbound is one of the best games ever made. I'm not even saying this out of nostalgia! I played this game three years ago on an emulator and loved every bit of it. The ending made me tear up, and everything. It was just a wonderful, endearing, and honest little game that was deceptively complex and dark. I'm not sure what any of you would say, but as far as snes jrpgs go...Earthbound rivals Chrono Trigger in my opinion.

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@SonicBoyster:  Man, I was just thinking that thing about the Nydus Worm today! I was about to go and make a game against the computer just to see if it would work haha! Of course, Blizzard would have to make it work that way, otherwise it would really limit that thing's usefulness.
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Yeah, that was one of the better parts of an amazing (but very buggy) game. The explanation for why they stayed alive for two hundred years is simply that they were being held in a form of stasis that allowed them to be kept alive indefinitely. It's a big deal because at the end, you get to choose whether or not to euthanize the entire population of that vault after basically killing their minds in the simulation. That choice was one of the move grave and poignant in the game, I really liked it. Lastly, he wanted you to kill everyone because he had toyed with the residents of Tranquility Lane for two hundred years. Everytime he killed off all the residents, he would just reset the simulation in another locale, with all the residents restored to life with no recollection of what happened. He was getting bored of making the residents suffer, so instead he wanted to make your character suffer. Activating the failsafe permanently kills off the residents, which would leave him all alone in that virtual paradise he created. He realizes this and understandably becomes upset.
(he deserved it)
Hope this helps

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@Laketown:  Dude, you really should. It's a relatively short game, but it's so worth it. What made you stop playing?
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Hey guys
I heard about this game a week ago, (oddly enough through watching some old stuff that Mr. Davis did for Gamespot) and I am wondering if anyone else has played this hilarious and surprisingly well made game. It's basically a snes era jrpg, but it makes it a point to lampoon as well as pay homage to many aspects of the genre (as well as just being damn funny within the story and interactions with non player characters). High points for me were..... Finding out just what a "Chaos Dunk" is, The Final Boss, The weaboo save points that constantly deride your inferior taste in games because it assumes you only play Quake or Madden, and so much more. This game will literally make you laugh out loud, at least it did for me. Plus, the music is good! 
It's not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but for a freeware pc game made by like two dudes you literally cannot complain!

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What are you trying to expose your friend to,the single player or the multi player? If it's the former, you could just give him your disk and tell him to sign in as a guest. If it's the latter, let him log into your account (only if you really trust him) and let him play around for a bit.

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PS2 is always a good choice! It has a solid library of games, many of those being exceptional titles, and it's backwards compatible with the original Playstation. At 50 bucks for the actual machine, you cannot go wrong. Some of my favorite games for the console? Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, God of War, and many.... MANY more. One of the greatest game consoles ever, in my humble opinion.