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@erickmartins: How would someone go about watching these episodes? The OP seems to be out of date

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Really liking it so far. It definitely has that 90's cartoon feel to it. I don't mind the audio coming from the controller and am thankful the ability to rewind and fast forward while mind reading was a nice touch. The comedy is right up my alley in a nostalgic sort of way and as someone who had no idea what this game was before I booted it up, it's become a game I wish I was playing when I was doing something else.

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@aetheldod: Si I finally beat it! What an odd way to go about everything. It seems like they really were testing the waters for Lightning Returns. Too bad what we really needed was a Sazh Returns!

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@chemystery: I actually beat the game earlier today and now I'm playing the Lightning DLC. And I'm left extremely confused because I'm stuck at the first fight and haven't been able to win after two tries. I gained a level when I lost so maybe I'm supposed to be losing? IT just gives very little information so I guess I'll stick it out a bit longer. Only have gotten two of the endings so far and I might try for a few more though.

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I was incredibly disappointed with the Rumble's result. But the match itself was good and made Roman look like a star. I was disappointed with the chamber result. But that match was amazing unil the end. Either way we're getting good matches with the shield and Cesaro flirting with the main event. However, Batista shouldn't be where he is now. I have no idea why they decided to put someone so undeserving I the main event. I was ok with him coming back but there's no reason even storyline-wise for Batista vs Orton to main event the 30th wrestlemania. But at this point with the Bryan bait and switching I'm so excited for Batista vs Orton. The crowds gonna crap all over it and will be a spectacle in of itself. It's not how id want to end what should be a heartwarming event to replace the Benoit-Eddie moment we can never be shown.

But if they want to have a horrible end and give a spot to someone who isn't even close to The Rock (which I didn't like but understood his main event spots) the. I'm going to at least enjoy this disaster. Bryan should've been given this spot for sure though. So I guess we have to "deal with it"? Thanks Dave

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I actually started this game last week and saw this the day before I got to this puzzle. Good timing! @chemystery

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One of my most hyped games of this generation. It's a shame it'll never get the recognition I feel it deserves.

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I actually started it 2 weeks ago. I plan on finally watching the endurance run as soon as I'm done. So I say go for it! I wish I had gotten to it sooner if anything.

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I really wanted to like the game but so much made me dislike it. I actually liked Hope at the beginning but his story with Snow never really panned out in a meaningful way. The story just wasn't that interesting, the combat was very boring to me, the final boss could one hit kill you, the battle winning tune was changed from every other Final Fantasy, and putting that all together led to a very dull and frustrating experience.

Being able to reflect on this two years later is interesting. I have less bitterness towards the game but my nostalgia driven love for the old victory theme will always sour me on this game. But my real disappointment comes with Hope. I really liked him in the beginning and saw tons of potential that never really goes anywhere. And the Leona Lewis song kicking in right at the end just put a bad taste in my mouth (just really despised that song). Overall, the game was fine and I never minded the pace. Maybe the game needed more Sazh? Him and Fang were the only characters I ended up liking. Everyone else just never caught on with me.

The nonsense story didn't help either. Others may love it but with the time commitment involved in a game like this, the story just failed for me with tons of exposition hidden behind text. But I liked the characters being sectioned off from each other and Sazh's attempted suicide will be the one thing that always sticks with me in this game.

And no games need one hit kill final bosses with multiple forms.