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not uncommon to fall in love with someone you spend alot of time with, be it work, school, etc.

This. Unless you're that much of a douche/stupid/socially awkward then I can't imagine how things can end so terribly. I've been dating my girlfriend whom I met at work for almost 2 years now and we've never had a fight and everything has been perfect.

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@crimsonhigh: @crimsonhigh: @smtdante89: Added you guys, everyone add me at 0404-6872-6298 and give me a reply back here, can anyone figure out my whats in my friend safari as well?

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Still on the hunt so anyone looking to add me just scroll up for my FC and reply to me here.

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Name: Cody

Friend Code: 0404 - 6872 - 6298

Pokemon Y

Adding everyone, I hope this nets me some friends!

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A part of me likes the idea that a developers' vision is maintained when not interfered with a consumers opinion on it, whether or not it's beneficial. As well as the fact that I don't their being incentives for developers to be lazy and slowly push a game because they already have early access sales, finish your game.

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I had no idea so many people swallowed their gum, Jesus. I feel like swallowing gum just gives that weird, "I don't to swallow this but I have to anyway" feeling.

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I think I should be the first person to not be dense here. I wasn't sure if It was a baggy shirt but I guess I've noticed it myself. And it just makes me sad because I don't want him to live unhealthy and have a fucking heart attack or anything. I feel like he gained weight fast and I'd prefer all the GB staff being around for at least 50 more years rather than 30.

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Is anyone else not seeing chat?