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I will never change my emblem image since those 2+ years ago. Fuck Ryan Davis.

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That's doable.

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Bethesda has so many good IPs. To the time machine!

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I'll join the theme of bumping this thread. I'm in agreement that it's a fantastic game and other handheld titles definitely deserve some coverage as well. Their aren't exactly that many major releases coming out in the near future. Yet, I feel like indie games at this point are to blame for being coverage hogs that could be time better spent on games that aren't in some stupid shit like early access or fucking Memerun.

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@hh said:

at this stage globalist control of the world looks unbreakable.

the Islamic State is a direct response to that, but no-one seems able to say it.

human life is so abundant it has no actual value.

we're mostly safe, and we've got iPony's. enjoy.

Fucking this. People keep having 13 kids and keep trying to cure diseases and save humans over other creatures. News flash, we're fucking worthless. Their's so many humans that I'd rather kill 10 people over a single bird. At this rate. 90% of the human population would need to not have children so we can not blow this planet up in a century. So rev up those Krogan pathogens!

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Wow, I bet Youtubers like PBG are pretty blown away by that Nintendo Creators Program.

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It's a pretty fucking incredible skin. Certainly more deserving of the ultimate title than Spirit Guard Udyr. I don't plan on buying it because I already have too many Sona skins, but throw her a buff and that shit's beyond dope. Well worth the 25$ if people are looking to scoop a skin.

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Damn, it sounds like you should get to making that game where you play as a transgendered, African ablino.Rather than making another pointless thread that does nothing but stir the pot on a subject more burnt out than the use of racial slurs being offensive. Remember folks: if you're gonna bitch about videogames, make them your fucking self and try setting in motion an actual difference.

Edit: Man, I must skim through threads like these because I get some perverse satisfaction out of it as if I'm a gore fetishist. To surmise things even further than just stop bitching and make videogames; women have never been better represented in videogames and media as a whole than now. You can't force such massive change for a market that isn't even there yet. Regardless of what any fake factoids say, women make up roughly 10% of the hardcore gaming community. Therefore, enjoy your 10% of games where you can self insert as the protagonist.