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Well done Hulkenberg!

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Sort of an interesting parallel is the recent event where Jay-Z and Beyonce visited the Tidal offices in Norway, after which Jay-Z received a lot of criticism for having all white employees in a photo they took. Until it became clear that the photo was not taken in the US. This shows that different communities will treat this subject differently based on their own frame of reference.

I've lived several years in the US, and after I came back to Europe, I was much more "race aware" than I was before spending time around Americans. I think that people in the US sometimes think that issues of race are the same in the rest of the world as they are there, but this is not true.


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Makes me wanna play Fallout 3 again.

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Great finish. Happy for Kimi, who was extatic on the team radio after the race, but "unhappy with 2nd" in the press conference. Similar finish in MotoGP today when Rossi was able to pull out a dramatic win with 2 laps to go.

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Decided to get the sports addon package from my cable provider just for F1, and so far its worth it!

Happy Ferrari could win this one, keeping things interesting.

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Maldonado missing a wheel in first lap :)

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Same thing happens to me. I get an error message in red across the top saying "An error occured while posting your comment". I can post here, but not on videos. Most recently tried on the previous UPF.

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Since we're all speculating here.

This feels like a safe move more than anything. I will echo others here and say that Patrick has the kind of talent that belongs in a more innovative venue than Kotaku. Maybe he should be starting his own thing, or write for a more "progressive" site? However, at the end of the day, he has to collect a paycheck. It's probably not the easiest thing in the world to find a place that checks all the boxes.

Good luck Patrick, I wish you all the best!

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That's the equivalent of a full time job for an entire year.