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Welcome! i just made the transition back to Giant Bomb recently over from 1UP i was pretty bummed to hear they were shutting down, anyway i was here before the CBS interactive purchase and then i found 1UP and started focusing more on that site but now i'm back and it really seems to have grown into a larger nice community of gamers hope you enjoy it here!

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Personally i think there are/will be better options for sharing large amounts of content like capture cards if your willing to spend some money, but for free quick sharing it looks promising, there's still too much unknown about it to really know if it's any good and if it can compete with some of the capture cards out there, i tend to doubt if it can or not but we'll see.

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it's currently back and forth between Battlefield 3 and Gran Turismo 5

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Ok ok ok i get it! most of you dont think its happening or you think it is but in diffrent ways. We'll see in the future with BF3 and MW3 how it affects sales of other titles. But please DO NOT! insult me or each other! its  just a simple question  for gosh sakes if your gonna say no say no and leave it at that show some humility and maturity.

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Ok look i DO NOT! hate fps games i play them daily but they are very VERY dominant! the fact is yes it is becomming stale but my concern is that all other genres are lacking and as a result somewhat dying because of it! i mean look at nintendo their having to cut the price of the 3DS! They know they cant compeate with the majority of titles out there (save the annual mario or pokemon game). i mean think about it....most peoples roots are in atari,nintnendo,pc,and,arcade and most people enjoyed the wide variety at that variety is going out the window minus smartphone and facebook games you CANNOT say that its not affecting everything else in a bad way! Tell me how do you think myiamoto feels whenever he overhears someone saying mario isnt as good as COD or gears or any other first or third person mainstream shooter? If i we're him i would feel disheartened knowing that in an industry he's been apart of for so many years is moving away from him. So NO they're NOT bad games but their minimizing other once popular titles and i cant see that as good!

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im also not looking at the success of the genre im looking at the morality

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to be honest many of you we're able to back up what you said respectfully but most of you seem like 12 year old that are scared because you think i insulted your "precious genre" and to you i say good luck with life cause you clearly lack the skills neccisary to treat anyone else but yourself with respect to the rest of you thank you for the imput lets see where the industry goes in a few years

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@Icemael: you have a diffrent yet respectible opinion half the people on here just say "no" like sheep man! we are so low in society! i never expected people to be so arrogant 
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@Slaker117: at least someone hasnt conformed to the same  biased opinion 
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Maybe this one was asked before but im gonna ask again anyway cause im very intrested in what people think on the matter but with the sheer industry dominance of the FPS games it seems lie other titles of diffrent genres are becomming less important and less valued for instance some people have reduced founding industry titles like mario to "childs play" and now people seperate gamers from "hard core" to "casual" i've been gaming for 13 years and this to me is very sad because it seems like it seperates people insted of bringing people togeather to just have fun i have said this from the begining i game to have fun! not to just dominate and boast about it like a prideful arrogant jerk but to enjoy other people and enjoy the game something which with the FPS genre is becomming rare to see so is the FPS genre destroying everything that makes gaming what it is?

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