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They're more than likely going to be releasing upressed versions of the 360 version because more people will but it. Right now you'd need a monster pc to match what the One and PS4 are capable of.

That's absurd. I'm running a GTX 660ti and an i5-3570k, which is a generation-old and has modest specs at best. With the exception of 4xMSAA I can max the Battlefield 4 beta, which still is yet to undergo additional optimization and decent driver support. I don't see myself needing to upgrade until 2015 at the earliest.

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@naru_joe93: Puking during a migraine always gets rid of it for me. Worth it every time.

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Just applied, man. Let us know when you get set up and such.

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Looks like they finally sent mine out at 3AM according to the timestamp. I hope they don't cut it as close with Bioshock Infinite, but then again it's free so I have no room to complain.

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A bunch of people have already gotten their promotional keys and are preloading on Steam but I'm yet to have it pop up in my inbox. Anyone else still mashing F5?

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My roommate and I went to go play some FIFA in celebration of MU vs. Bayern- lo and behold I found my Xbox's DVD drive to have simply ceased to work in the time since we last played it a few hours ago. The ps3 hardware doesn't exactly have a flawless record, but at least I won't be buying another time bomb. Any places like Newegg where I can find them cheap?

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Whenever I load my saved game, Rico mentions meeting the other factions and it has markers denoting the Ular Boys, Reapers, and Roaches HQ's. Any way to fix it? :(

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For those of you who listened to EDI's explanation of the Normandy's Briefing Room, this will look familiar. Found it linked from Reddit. The first few paragraphs contain the same concept outlined in the game :P It all may be speculation and theory, but I appreciate that BioWare actually took the time to make it spot-on .

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I'm gonna have to go with Garrus. The heart-to-heart with Shepard on his side mission really showed off his more subtle body language- something that wasn't in the first.

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I'm pretty sure you can only use it on a targeted enemy :( Sorry, bud.

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