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I'm gonna miss Worth Reading if it ceases to be a regular feature!

But, happily, I just yesterday discovered another source curating writing about games:

Critical Distance

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@Missacre said:

If someone goes to watch a movie just because a well-known actor's name is on the front, then honestly that's pretty stupid.

Welcome to the last 80 years of big-budget filmmaking.

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If an outlet as mainstream as The New York times was writing articles several months ago about the uncertain future of the Epic Mickey franchise, this news can come as no great surprise. It's definitely sad news for the folks at Junction Point, but the writing was on the wall the minute Epic Mickey 2 released to minimal fanfare.

The Times reported that Disney's higher-ups want to focus their game development on browser, mobile and social stuff rather than hefty console releases. So, you know. More of the same for the industry right now. It's a bummer that the Epic Mickey franchise didn't score a knockout, but we'll always have our memories of charming SNES/Genesis-era Disney platformers to keep us warm at night.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and I guess that Disney Infinity thing, which certainly looks like it's gonna be a hefty console release.

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@AgentDanger said:

GFW Radio was great - but, unfortunately, 1up wasn't meant to last :(

I still miss GFW Radio. Nearly everyone who was ever on that show moved on from games journalism, too.

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@kkotd said:

Some of you seriously can't read, can you?

At least a few commenters have admitted they only read the first paragraph or two.

Missing the funding goal by $28 isn't really what this article is about. Anyone who doesn't read the rest is missing the real content.

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@RecSpec said:

It's harsh, but now I kinda wish they did hit the 50k goal, just so they would have to try and make ends meet with it.

As much schadenfreude as we might enjoy from watching the devs reap what they've sown in that situation, I'd be more inclined to feel sorry for everyone who contributed money and ended up with nothing, or at best an inferior product.

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I've heard some reports that if you actually need [amount of money] to complete your project, raising that exact amount via Kickstarter can create a big pile of problems. Kickstarter and Amazon take their cut right away, which is something like 10% of the money you raise, so you're immediately below the actual amount of cash your project requires. And then you might find yourself owing an even bigger chunk of that amount in taxes at the end of the fiscal year.

I guess I understand the psychology-driven strategy of asking for even less money than your project actually needs, hoping that your Kickstarter will catch fire and raise money through the roof, but if the project will actually require $100,000 and you raise $50,001 and end up only being able to use $35,000 of that to complete your goals, it seems like you're basically crossing your fingers that you don't end up blatantly defrauding every person that backs your Kickstarter.

Unless I'm reading the article incorrectly, it seems like DreamQuest dodged an enormous bullet by not crossing their fundraising goal.

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@DystopiaX said:

Whenever the crew buy something big ticket like this I wonder how much this videogame reviewing gig really pays. Seems to be pretty well I guess.

There's a big difference between "game reviewer" and "editor/owner of a successful site created whole cloth from the ashes of your old job as a game reviewer".

Seems like it's goddamned hard work, too. Buy a Lexus, son. You earned it.

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@Ravenlight said:

Halo 4 is a 4. It's right there in the title. I don't know how Tom Chick missed that.

The first Modern Warfare was a 4, too.

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@burnttoast said:

I wish there would stop being layoff news stories, its hardly news about gaming. They also happen so often that it seems at times that 25-50% of all news is this sort of stuff.

Does anyone really find this sort of news feed worthwhile or interesting? Does it match the tone or goal of news about games?

It's interesting AND worthwhile news, because games don't just get developed, released and played in a vacuum.

Think about the insolvency of 38 Studios and the doctors leaving Bioware--news stories about these events are part of the greater conversation about the last gasps of the traditional MMO. When the GB crew talks about The Secret World, Guild Wars 2 and SW:TOR, for example, they reference these events because the context is important.

Zynga laying off employees and closing studios? It's important news. Any discussion of the trajectory of mobile gaming would be incomplete if no mention was made about the health of Zynga, the "leader" in mobile games, and the success or failure of the (clearly reviled) business model they're pursuing.

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