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I feel like the initial Polygon review is extremely dishonest. No, not the part where they really enjoyed the experience that others have raised issues about. Reviewing is subjective. However, not reviewing the retail copy in a post launch environment is dishonest. Like Alex said, anyone who knows about games knew that this would launch with issues. It's impossible for it to not have a few. Since the game requires connectivity to play, you can't review the game in a vacuum (or controlled review environment) and present that as the actual score. That product is not a game a normal person could buy, and that experience is not the same that a normal person could have.

A more honest review would have stated they are waiting until at least a day after to release to give a final verdict, based on the playing experience a user might have. They also should have warned against pre-ordering in general. Is that pessimistic? Yes. Is it possibly hurting the developers for things not necessarily in their control? Yes. But the review is supposed to be for the consumer.

I understand that the way hits work, most people will look at reviews prior and near launch, so that's the best time to reach the most people. When it turns out your review is not material to the actual product in question, though, this hurts the most people.

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Rest in peace Gary Garcia

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It doesn't count as a direct competitor. GameStop was working on a streaming service that would make them direct competitors, and that was the reason they cited for the coupon pull. Squeenix couldn't have known about that.

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If they could get some sort of steam launch I bet they'd see a lot more sales.

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Patrick, in the paragraph next to the ROOOOAR image (Beginning with: "PC Gamers have a point"), you ended with, "with a connection" when I think you meant "without a connection".

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I know it won't affect you guys, but what about stuff like crosscountertv? They stream matches of Street fighter 4, sell ads for madcatz and sound blaster gear, but I doubt they have any license to play from Capcom. What about the many Starcraft 2 streamers that make an income off of ads on their live streams while they practice? At some point you could argue scholarship, but these people are totally making money off of streaming copyrighted content. It's not quite the same as streaming a UFC pay-per-view, but does it fall under this bill?

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Yeah, unless you really really want to experience having less levels and characters, I don't see what the issue is. Sure it's shitty, but it's more akin to not being able to reset unlocked characters in a fighting game or songs in a music game, than it is like not being able to start a new zelda play through. It could be argued that some of those unlocks are kind of annoying to go through, so this could be an incentive for some people.

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Any chance of following up with Valve on their Portal 2 in-game store sales? I've been really curious if it's been as successful as the Team Fortress 2 Mann Co store.

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Is there really no iOS version planned with this release pack? I got my mom 3 last Christmas, and she's been waiting for it to come to the app store.

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Even if the horse sections have different paths you can choose, aren't the combat sections completely linear? Even if there are a few places where the paths can split, it still can be considered on rails.