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That's not true for the character at the end of Watch Dogs, though. The man in the chair is Maurice Vega. Watch Dogs opens with Aiden and his partner, Damien, during a virtual bank heist. But the two stumble upon a mysterious file, which alerts a nearby hacker, and their identities are discovered. Aiden tries to flee with sister, Nicole, and her two children, Lena and Jackson. A hitman, who we eventually learn is Maurice, is sent to take out Aiden. The attack ends up crashing the car, which sends Lena into a coma that she never wakes up from. Watch Dogs then follows Aiden tracking down those responsible for her death.

This is totally wrong. Did you even pay attention to the game, @patrickklepek?

Can't say I really like this article.

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@ThievingJacob said:

Nice to see the corporate masochists are perverting free ideals into tin-foil paranoia, and even greed.

Keep drinking the coolaid.

Heya RMS how is the faraday cage surrounding your entire house working for you.