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F1, because I don't care about racing. 8-4, I keep trying but I just... can't seem to get into it. Scoops and the Wolf, because of the same reason for 8-4 and that I just don't find it very entertaining most of the time. Whatever the wrestling podcast is, because I don't care about wrestling. I watch/read pretty much everything else though.

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I'm liking Dan. He has an almost infectious amount of enthusiasm about everything and is a plague of cheerfulness you can't help but appreciate. I don't think I've really seen him be overly negative about anything and that's refreshing. His shit talking during Mario Party was awesome too.

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@voodoopc said:

I really like the fact that the game doesn't tell you where to go for quests. Not everyone needs a large Call of Duty arrow that says, "Go here!".

And if you pay attention to the dialogue and the environment you can get some ideas on where to go as well. Leave no crate unsearched, no potted plant unmoved, and no NPC with an actual name un-talked to!

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@zevvion: Incorrect. The lion/minotaur things do have a 3-hit combo that deals absolutely insane damage but it's extremely rare for them to do it. Only seen it happen once and it was before I was able to 2-3 shot the guys.

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I have no idea why but my highest rated message is one I put down next to the Ore seller with "Woman therefore Horse" with over 100 rates. All my other much more helpful messages? I'm lucky if they're over 10.

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My first character was Frank the Tank. Heavy armor, greatshield, lance. Dodging? What's that? My shield can eat everything you throw at me! With the Leo ring and an upgraded Grand Lance I could counter-kill just about anything that came my way! I didn't use Havel's armor though because I hated how it looked and I will always choose the armor that looks good over what's generally considered "the best". Also havel's is so over used.

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I wish I could start a garden. Before my apartment decided to do full on renovations I could put pots and garden boxes out on the patio where they'd get sun and for the past three years I've been growing herbs and flowers unhindered. Now with renovations complete they've closed off the patio area so there's no room any more so I won't be able to have a garden anymore. This, along with many other things they've done, has seriously earned my ire.

On the plus side I'll be getting a house in August which has a fairly substantial back and front yard so I'll have plenty of room to worth with by the end of August! So that means I need to find some good plants that can grow late autumn/early winter...

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Honestly all this Dark Souls talk makes me want to go back and play it again as I really did enjoy my first few times through..

Then I remember that I need Game for Windows Live and I seriously can't be arsed to deal with them again. Here's to hoping when it dies a flaming death that From Software gives Dark Souls steamworks or something usable.

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When you go back to fight Giygas in the past, the 'dungeon' leading to him is a womb, and you're actually fighting a fetus.

Honestly once I figured that part out I felt pretty damned terrible. Sure, it needed to be done to save your world but still...

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