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The guy pulled a gun on them, what were they supposed to do?

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The slender man. I know he is a fictional character but he terrifies me.

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Who cares? Why are you people making a big deal about this? He just made some stupid jokes.

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I have a JLA poster and a framed picture of psyche mourning, cause Im classy like that.

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It seems like I found another problem in opera. I can not reveal spoilers. :(

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It seems like my solution to this problem is no longer working... Videos will not play at all now.

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Recently I have had a weird problem with playing whiskey media videos in opera. When I click play instead of the video starting it just takes me to a blank page. In order to make the video play i have to go back to the previous page were after waiting for about 10 seconds the video will start to play on its own. Has anyone else been having this problem or is it just me?

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Bikini Kill or Choking Victim

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This shouldn't even be a question.

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Im also having another problem with steam. Everything is in russian. Can anyone help me with that? Its hard to find were the language options are.