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122086 Digital Combat Simulator F-86 Sabre Game Overview It's a DCS game! and it's coming out soon! google translate mangles the info on the ED forums, but it's projected to be anywhere from now to the 25th of july, it was waiting on an engine update, but that was taking too long so they bumped it: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2114908#post2114908 07/16/14 11:26PM 10 Approved
122083 Digital Combat Simulator: MiG-21Bis Fishbed Game Overview It's 2014 and it's still not out (but might be by the end of the year!) 07/16/14 11:18PM 5 Approved
121618 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? MPC New Release 07/14/14 03:05PM 7 Approved
100190 Shintaro Kazama Character Overview 04/16/14 01:28AM 2 Approved
87033 New Game Game Overview It's a new Ace Combat! It's in beta right now! 02/04/14 07:37PM 10 Denied
76211 Blitz: The League II Game Overview Tenses, probably should rewrite a chunk of it at some point but I am lazy 12/20/13 02:08PM 10 Approved
47577 NBA Live 07 Game Overview Changed the multiplayer achievement stuff to past-tense, since that all happened in the past. This is what happens when i listen to old bombcasts. 08/04/13 09:53PM 6 Approved
4112 Inazuma Eleven GO Game Overview Plot summary, gameplay stuff to come later. 02/16/13 10:17PM 80 Approved
2384 Inazuma Eleven GO Game Releases Updated release info 02/14/13 08:51PM 24 Approved
1638 Inazuma Eleven GO Game Overview Still a WIP, planning to expand on everything later. How would I go about getting the title changed from inazuma 11 4 to inazuma 11 GO? 02/13/13 10:38PM 87 Denied