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Oh man. I'm sorta sad I didn't StreetPass ya.

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So, are these games that you all personally consider bad, and if so, is it because they're very 90s, or because they are unholy trifectas of crap? The measuring sticks which we're using are ET and Superman 64, both of which lack in gameplay, graphics, and sound, in comparison to games of the equivalent era.

Because it was a pre-Internet age, it's hard to find the rage against games during the same time. As a non-Genesis owner, I remember folks who liked Sonic 3D Blast, Cyborg Justice, and those who even have some fondness for Shaq Fu.

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All of these games seem so amazing. You've at least inspired him (the dude looking for the worst) to hunt down Cyborg Justice.

@BadSniper52: That picture is also amazing. Was not expecting a fullscreen Shaqqing when reading replies.

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My friend is trying to collect the worst games for each system, and we're sort of stymied by the Genesis. It helps that most "Worst Genesis Games" lists appear to be written by folks who have no concept of the progression of design and technology, or are just games they didn't like on a personal level. I wouldn't put Jurassic Park and Altered Beast on that list, not compared to games like Atari 2600 ET and N64 Daikatana and Superman.

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@weegieanawrench: I also haven't touched it since pre-Halloween. Unfortunately, I also have 3 distinct installs, none of which are on my new computer. I should probably hunt down those worlds.
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That is AMAZING. Totally reminds me of the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing though.

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Specifically, I'm thinking of games like The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, where the GBA release was quite different from the DS version which was quite different from the console, but they all share one page and the article specifically calls out console-specific mechanics. Should the article be broken into multiple sections? Should multiple pages exist?

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