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Sure, why not.

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Does Apple/Semi-Secret demand money from the sales of this copy? Is Apple strict enough on bringing the hammer down on these fools in order to discourage this sort of behavior? I can imagine people spotting an opportunity to make a quick buck, and if it manages to worm into Apple's Top 10 or gain any form of popularity, they could sneak away a few thousand bucks without anything but a slap on the wrist from Apple.

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Create a US-based Hotmail account, sign up for an XBL account with it, it should auto select you for the United States. Bingo. I've used mine to get Rock Band DLC when it first came out and lately RBN DLC. Just make sure you access it from time to time, if you leave it for too long you a) might forget the password and lose access to the stuff you bought later down the track, b) Hotmail might suspend your account for inactivity.
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Got my copy this afternoon, friends who preordered through various import locales have also received theirs within the past couple of days.

Although, online is a slight issue. The online pass is unable to be redeemed on an Australian account, but it appears redeeming it on a US account on the same console will suffice, as like XBLA games, it works for all users on the console it was first downloaded on. That said, with the hour I spent with this game this afternoon, I could get into lobbies but couldn't get a game to work. First, servers appeared to be down, then games would drop on the character select screen or shortly after.

Doubt it's an issue with Australian access, but not 100% on it.

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Currently awaiting my massively illegal import of Mortal Kombat into Australia in the mail, and was just wondering if that 'special edition' of the 360 controller (with the adjustable D-Pad) is worth picking up for having all the finesse required for maximum fatalities, rather than struggling with the sticks.


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Gnarly solo, bro!

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That's what the demos are for.
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Like Dubai, Australia is a PAL region, and I almost exclusively import my games due to the outrageous mark ups here., while awesome for blurays and such, are picky about sending 360 games internationally, for example they won't ship Portal 2 to my address, not sure why. The sources I use are usually based in the UK or Hong Kong, and explicitly state a game's region lock (if it has one at all) or only stock region free software. Hopefully without coming off as a huge plug, these are the joints I use to import. Most offer free worldwide shipping, if not it's relatively cheap.

Shopped with all of these places, never had an issue with any of them before. I obviously don't want to speak regarding the import conditions, delivery times and such but these places are my go-to for game purchases.


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  • Radio edits of pop songs that poorly disguise that the majority of the song has completely different lyrics, usually containing curse words or references to fucking.
  • Melodies/lyrics of other songs shamelessly copied, with no regard of original context (in the below case, Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek') - Mainly because it seems so fucking offensive to rip someone's music like that, and this dude is clearly reaping the rewards more than the original artist.
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