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After reading some comments I completely agree. Reach and ODST had great campaigns, so I guess I just want more out of Chief. He's been such a mystery for so long!

EDIT: Also check out the Forward Unto Dawn series that's being worked on. Only 3 episodes so far, but it is really interesting if you're into Halo.

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I've been playing halo since the Halo: CE, and I've loved every campaign (including ODST and Reach). I do have one problem. My problem with Halo is that there aren't enough moments of hopelessness or any other form of emotional attachment. Every now and then Chief will come across a group of soldiers who need help, and you'll be able to kill the 3 elites and 2 jackals that they couldn't handle. Those moments suck. Have you ever seen this in any Halo game? I had an action replay for Halo 2 that let me load up a mission called "Epic Battle" or something like that where there were hordes of Covanent, Brutes, and maybe even some Flood on a single bridge that you had to make it across. It doesn't match the emotional attachment that I spoke of, but it is the closest battle I've encountered to the commercial above. Can anyone else think of some moments where you actually felt like the other characters in the story were something more than a target with a gun?

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Would anyone who knows their way around Dota be willing to help me get better? I used to play a little bit of LoL so I'm not entirely new to the scene. If anyone's interested add me on steam, Duder. It'll be a picture of Kit Fisto. Thanks!

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@MariachiMacabre: @CaptainTryHard said:

the only benefits from pre-ordering will be the skins/emblems.

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Use this as link to the images for each store.

NOTE: It does say armor for some stores, but just disregard that it is false. I did some research on it already, and the only benefits from pre-ordering will be the skins/emblems.

As for me though, I'm leaning towards the Best Buy skin, but I feel like the Gamestop skin would be easiest to match with any armor.

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So I emailed customer service at NCIX asking for help on building a computer and the reply I got was a build that is supposed to be able to play every game now on high settings with a high FPS. Take a look and tell me what you think. It is a bit pricey seeing as how I'm going to have to buy a monitor, keyboard, and copy of Windows. If anyone knows what I can downgrade let me know, thanks!

(Motherboard & CPU)









(Windows 7)

EDIT: $1,255.85

Added- Keyboard, Monitor, Windows 7, GPU

Removed- GPU, HDD

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I thought I was the only one

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I found myself wondering the same thing as I kick flipped it yesterday. I tried googling, but nothing came up.

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@Akyho: That site sounds really good! Do you know if they have the same type of deal with U.S. customers?

@llamaegg: Unfortunately all of my friends are completely clueless when it comes to computers.

@Shivoa: My budget is actually unknown as of right now because I am currently on the lookout for a car.

A little more info if anyone is actually interested in helping me with this mess..

- I play a majority of my games on my 360 because..

- My current "gaming rigg" is a late 2009 Macbook with an integrated video card

- The only games I'm looking to be able to handle as of now are Battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2