My Epic RPG Rankings

I've played every game on this list, and completed many/most of them. The rankings still need lots of teasing out. I'll admit, there's a fair amount of nostalgia bias going on, and as you can tell I don't see the PSX era as the Golden Age some do.

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Posted by peritus

Eternal Sonata higher then Tales of Vesperia, that just doesn't sit well with me!    but otherwise nice list. FF6 is unrivalled.

Posted by EliminatoR

I like this list,I def have a lot more RPG's to play.
Posted by ashogo

I don't really get how you're ranking these? A game you say you had a blast with sits lower than one you say that you hated, until it grew on you. Interesting list, though.

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

Obviosuly you prefer JRPGs to WRPGs, because you have some great WRPGs below things like FF13 which is ridiculous in my opinion. But still a great selection of JRPGs for the most part.

Posted by captainzhao

Yeah, I can never get into WRPGs. They always seem so great, then I get bored stupid after about 5-8 hours. I don't enjoy the whole questing structure that they almost all take. I'd rather an overly complex if derivative JRPG storyline with side quests.

Edited by Stefan

Great list! You should try to get your hands on Terranigma. For many European SNES gamers it represents the same JRPG excellence that Chrono Trigger does for folks in North America. Plus, SNES era games are still easy to get into. I've tried out Final Fantasy VII in 2005 or so and could deal with the technical limitations. Chrono Trigger on the other hand was a delight, sprites rule - I played it last year for the first time.