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every GOP candidate is absolutely terrible and so is obama.

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how so? I seen eraserhead but not Wild Strawberries

They seem to be set in the same universe. Wild Strawberries re-evaluates the past while Eraserhead evaluates the future, tackling self-discovery & human existence through lonliness & despair.  I think Henry is supposed to be Borg's grandson-in-law.  You also see the similiar "distortion" of the face at the end of both films.
why do you think henry is borg's grandson in law? they're films that address similar issues using similar techniques but that doesn't make them set in the same universe.
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None of this is relevant to human intelligence.
I think it is, because it depends on how you define intelligence. Do you look at Wikipedia or do you philosophy to make your own definition?
Bad vision is bad intelligence?
What is intelligence to you? Is it to invent the car or to make sure to create strong offspring?
it certainly isn't you.
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@Turambar: boy is my face red.
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blade runner pretty well fits what you're going for - there is sort of a big overarching case but there are a lot of other ones too. it's old but it runs well on most new computers - the only thing that doesn't work for me is the firing range.

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three or four times a week.

...That makes me feel better.

i also live in louisiana which is the only state where getting drunk is so required that there are drive-thru daiquiri places.
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thanks for censoring the curse words there man we can't have swearing on the world wide web

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the world ended and everyone died

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three or four times a week.

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