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After a false start in gaming in the mid 90s when I owned about a dozen games for my SNES (and never got past level 3 on any of them), well,  I was what you'd call a late gaming bloomer.  Bought my first console--the original Xbox--one year (and two borrows from friends) after it was released.  Since then, I've been pretty into it.  

I always said I'd wait for graphics to come up to speed and look halfway realistic before I went back to gaming.  When I saw Halo for the first time, just firing a plasma pistol into a metal floor--with my jaw on the real one--I was hooked.  Took me a few years to finally break down and buy a PS2, but God of War made -that- worthwhile.  Bought, toyed with, and sold a PSP within a few months of its release, and my Wii and DS collect a lot of dust.  

I'm constantly trying to catch up to Manwich's Gamerscore but I'm proud of my gaming record.  I've gotten through some pretty tough moments via persistence, perspiration, frustration, sheer force of will, and Divine Intervention.  There was that time I blind-stuck a plasma grenade on someone in Valhalla during the Halo 3 Beta while man-cannon-ing off a base (sadly, I can't play back -that- saved film).  And when I used my last sniper bullet to down a pretty awesome Gears player that I was cat-and-mousing with.  Or blindfiring with the sniper rifle from crouched cover on Canals in Gears that splattered the brains of my friend all over a wall--good times! (I swear the game animated his Locust avatar's eyes going wide with shock and disbelief!) And finally getting through the round room on Truth and Recociliation in Halo on Legendary...after 17 hours and 3 nights of trying (that was also the first effective test and use of Dolby 5.1 in gaming!

So yeah, more persistent than good. 

Faves: Halo 1, Halo 3 MP, CODs 2 & 4, Armed and Dangerous, Metal Arms, God of War I & II,  the first Buffy game,  Crackdown, Bioshock, Oblivion, Portal, Half-Life 2, XIII,  Beyond Good & Evil, Max Payne.  Good stories, good gameplay, good atmosphere.  With just a pinch of violence.